In Love with Lithuania (6) Curonian spit, Dunes, Kursiu Nerija

Posted by Ovidija Jukonis
This film is about a country known for its beauty and its cultural traditions - LITHUANIA. European annals have noted this land for over a thousand years, a land that was the last on this continent to continue practicing the ancient pre-Christian Baltic faith, the home of the Pagans. After it adopted Christianity, Lithuania became a powerful nation by the Baltic Sea - an open and boundless nation devoid of the usual national egoism. Unique commemorative pieces bear witness to the country's rich historical past in Trakai, Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga, Klaipeda and Kursiu Nerija. This visual story will leave the viewer in awe of the exceptional beauty that cannot be related in words - the heart of a harmonious and sacral landscape of Lithuania. Wisps of historical memory subtly intermingle into a modern, rapidly developing Lithuania and its good-hearted people who invite you to learn about this land and love it as they do.
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