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Posted by Vaitas Kopos LT
Uploaded by samarafoundation on Dec 28, 2010 There is a TV Channel that has been set up to provide everyone with support during these transformational times and which includes free Live Satsangs with Tony Samara every Wednesday at 17:00 GMT (audio format for now), visual archives of these Live Satsangs, as well as video clips of Tony speaking about topics such as: Is it good to laugh at yourself? What is Karma? Be more real! You might upset the oaktree! Change; Adam and Eve, Dreams & much more. • • • • • • • • • Visit us each week for Live Satsang on http://TonySamara.TV an invaluable resource for humanity! • • • • • • • • • Are you courageous? Are you ready to be present to the truth? So many people say "Yes", so many people want this But do your actions speak of this? Are you ready to be the truth that you are? The structure of truth can only be truth It cannot pretend Are you ready to jump out into the unknown? Not with fear, not with limited negative thoughts But with beauty With trust ... with trust The truth will free us all ... the truth will free us all It is so beautiful to come back to the space of love Not the idea of love, but the real space of love The truth will free us all You are beautiful Your love is beautiful ... your love is beautiful Come back to the space of love Don't be an addict to your misery, or your seriousness, or to society's expectations It's your life It's your moment here ... here ... now And don't get caught up by other people's judgments, other people's expectations Don't be afraid ... don't be afraid Every little moment that you let go of something that stops you from seeing reality, you are becoming more real And the more real you are, the more real you have to be Being real means being open, trusting Trusting even if what it looks like that you're trusting cannot be trusted Can you imagine? That is the depth of trust What you are is divine joy You are important Your smile makes the world smile There is no reason not to be happy Be happy Be free
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