Wonderful Asian Chillout Music-The Miracle Of Pushkar‏ ~ Dale Sumner

Posted by Vaitas Kopos LT
A total sense of awe is the primary experience relayed by this exotic Dale Sumner tune. The smells, the sounds, the remoteness and the sacredness of this 4th century site are all to be found in a haunting theme that astounds us as much as the surprising presence of a stunning lake in one of the most inhospitable parts of India. It truly is a miracle. "The Miracle Of Pushkar‏" by Dale Sumner is taken from The Buddha Experience - Zen Meditation Vol 2 ----- To listen to other tracks from from Zen Meditation Vol 2 click on the link. http://www.bluedotmusic.net ----- video created for blue dot music by Robert Nichol/Allcast http://www.allcast.co.uk
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