62 -year-old man was ushered in 100 grandchildren

  • China news agency, Toronto, December 31 - Alberta, Canada, one as young as 62 -year-old man recently welcomed 100 grandchildren, family members . </ p >

    man of this name is Ulrich and his wife Ana Ta , a total of 16 children this month ushered in 100 grandchildren - Henry . </ p >

    Juric sometimes can not remember the name of the grandchildren, </ p >

    Juric couple from Russia, Kazakhstan over the past 17 years to life in Canada . Grandchildren are born in Canada but he admitted that the Russian name for him better than the English language and memory . </ p >

    Guinness World Records website , there is no up to a record of their grandchildren . However, there is the media beginning of the year has been reported that the Philippines, a women's 107 grandchildren, 138 had grandchildren . </ p >

    here plus news agency reported that the majority of the Ulrich family living in the vicinity of Ulrich 's residence is not , therefore Dr. Dre Monster Beat Box, for them to find the meeting place is not easy . </ p >

    now white beats by dre studio, the family plans to the end of January in the park or the local Russian Orthodox Church held its first family gathering . </ p > the

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