London Olympics , Thorpe era has passed difficult

  • solo beats by dre

    Thorpe, the results shocked.

    reach the end, Thorpe Staring at the results on the electronic timer. Stood for some time in the pool until the next group of players entering from the pool, climb out of the locker room. In addition to not dry the water, his face hanging disappointed and lonely.

    red Austrian failed to catch the London train

    Last weekend, the Australian star Ian Thorpe in the Olympic trials 100 meters and 200 meters freestyle were not for Olympic qualification, this This five Olympic Games gold medalist rim of the eye reddening, forlornly, self-proclaimed Break the world record 13 times as a legend, Thorpe after a brilliant experience, and retired back, defeat, this time, he will not do .

    personal honor

    ● 2000 Sydney Olympic 400 meters freestyle, 200 m freestyle, 4 × 200 m freestyle relay champion;

    ● 2004, at the Athens Olympics 400 meters and 200 meters freestyle gold medal, silver medal 4 × 200 meter freestyle relay, 100m freestyle bronze medal, becoming the first 100 years with the Olympic Games 100 meters beats by dr dre tour, 200 meters and 400 meter freestyle were the athletes of medals, the increase in the total number of Olympic medals for the 5 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

    last weekend in the London Olympic trials in Australia, Thorpe ended in failure. Medal in the 200 meters freestyle semi-finals, but missed the final. While the subsequent 100 meters freestyle was his last hope, only the first 21 Thorpe preliminaries. According to the Australian selection rules, qualifying the top two get the individual to qualify, the individual top six relay qualification. Thorpe, both lost and this is his long time the reason to stay in the pool.

    character card

    ● In 1998, only 15-year-old Thorpe won the World Championships 400-meter freestyle and 4 x 200 meters freestyle relay champion;


    Ian Thorpe


    born on October 13, 1982, won five Olympic gold medals. 14-year-old joined the Australian national swimming team, to become the youngest men's 400 meters freestyle world champion at age 15 in the 1998 World Swimming Championships. His last name (Thorpe,) and torpedo (Torpedo) are similar in word form and the speed of Thorpe called the torpedo in the pool, so enjoy the Retired in November 2006, the 2011 recovery training, to participate in the multi-station short-course World Cup by the end of the year.

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