LED LCD or OLED TV TV market in 5 years, who call

  • Korea on OLED most attention. Earlier news, Samsung in the LCD display business split out later will develop to shift the focus to the OLED display products.

    the OLED to When Samsung, LG OLED TV first launched at the Consumer Electronics Show, the industry only to such products as a futuristic concept. However, when the LCD TV, Samsung decided to suspend production in China began to force OLED, all the TV companies are aware of the OLED really want to. Only in the context of traditional LCD TV gradually be eliminated over the next five years, LED LCD and OLED TV products who is the mainstream market, the industry and uncompromising.


    , is still dominated by LCD

    OLED display using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display backlighting, so power consumption is relatively LED LCD screen is smaller. In addition, the image quality and speed of response of the OLED display better-than-traditional LCD screen.

    Japan and Taiwan enterprises to be outdone. Sony OLED TV development, while Taiwan's AU Optronics in 2011 to start the mass production of OLED displays for mobile devices, while the development of OLED displays for TV and tablet PCs.


    industrial confrontation

    Fudan University, flat panel display Director of the Engineering Research Center of the Valley to China: OLED represents the new flat panel display technology development direction gradually clear, but the next five years, the market mainstream TV display technology is still LCD. LCD in technology, energy, appearance, size, technological breakthroughs will extend the industrial life. At present, China has a panel display technology has a very large advantage.

    Skyworth Group Chief Executive Officer Yang Dongwen: OLED is a revolution in display technology of color TV industry. OLED displays also have a self-luminous performance, without the backlight, high-contrast, thin, wide viewing angle, fast response, use a wide temperature range, and relatively simple structure and process advantages. OLED TV or in the next year to enter the promotion period, and gradually moved into consumers' lives, at least two years before entering the industry harvest. Five years


    OLED TV will be in five years you happen

    domestic enterprises on the upper reaches of the panel the ability to control less than However, Skyworth (microblogging), South China University of Technology built the small-size OLED production line for the accumulation of technology. TCL (microblogging) chairman Li Dongsheng (microblogging) has also revealed that, TCL decided to accelerate the product development of next-generation display technology, an OLED panel test line will be built in the second half of this year. What OLED TV popularization How long will it take?

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    TCL chairman Li Dongsheng: OLED in the small screen will come very soon, but in the application on the TV screen, the current technology is still immature, and very costly. LCD TV is still the market leader in the next 8-10 years.

    as early as April 2010, LG Display said it will invest $ 223 million to expand OLED production lines. LG Display's vice president responsible for strategy and marketing center of Chapman Singh said that consumer demand for OLED displays in 2013 began to rise. Then, OLED TV and LCD TV prices will narrow the gap to about 30%.

    appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng: OLED TV is now a globally recognized generation of flat panel display technology, the best solution. Although flat-panel TVs mainstream products for LCD TVs, but LCD TVs have a fatal flaw, that is, the LCD TV can not self-luminous white beats by dre studio, but the light emitted by the backlight bulb irradiation LCD panel shows the image. Passive light-emitting form of lead born in the image display, there is a small viewing angle LCD TVs beats by dre solo hd, colorful enough, true color reproduction is not enough and some other congenital problems. OLED is a self-luminous form, can effectively solve the LCD TV image defects. Flexible in all aspects of the addition, the OLED in environmental performance, ultra-thin, the screen has a breakthrough innovation. In the next five years, the corporate leader in the field of OLED technology will take the initiative.

    Chinese Commercial News reporter the Sun Congying / text of the CFP / courtesy

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