• On the second team BURBERRY Burberry brit perfum second wide open group: BURBERRY Burberry brit fragrance British Sensation (feminine style of incense), London fragrance, two optional, basic female fragrance Fifty nine yuan buy! London women gentle fragrance incense, fresh and elegant style of women fragrance, Burberry, changing your shape! Audience full 2 also ,,,, Oh ~~~ luxury perfumes are a high end than any luxurious, good perfume may enhance your temperament, an elegant perfume fragrance as opposed to absolute a brand-name garments make you more content material! beautiful, low-consumption. Counter cost 50ml/780 yuan, 100ml/1180, two dollars Burberry classic hug Tuangou Jia is only 59 yuan can experience! Why should all of us hesitate to do, overlook her, but also just how long it, , [Perfume]: with inner box, carton packaging. Banzi absolutely no perfume spray. [perfume] Origin: UK capacity [perfume]: 5ml/4.5ml [flavor]: A single # fresh flowers Fruity, floral fragrance Number 2, two types of optional, please note the states which did not note the particular random delivery. [lifetime]: 12 , 2012 classic British fashion brand Burberry, in early 2004 the new girlie fragrance BurberryBrit, carried on since way back when, Check to wear a symbol of British-style totem, leaving BurberryBrit atmosphere in which the young pretty distinguished with a little breath! Your fragrance to meet the region's most popular special fruit flavor, meant to extend the brand jar, ergonomic bottle having a simple long whitened lines against the qualifications of soft color, a new, soft, simple, sophisticated temperament, showing that women can playful, elegant dual character can be. The first burst associated with fragrance smell secure lime, pear and fanatic ice, people ignore the look of early spring. After the warm fairly sweet taste in the sugars almonds, peony, vanilla and amber, people discover how to narcissism, forget the profile of air! Simple and appropriate taste, placing you in the sun much more dazzling. Burberry BURBERRYBrit British Discomfort fragrance (perfume fashion) product information: EauDeParfumURBERRY Bobo Li The united kingdom Sensation female fragrance BurberryBrit, The rectangular shape of the bottle using the latest printed power grid lines on the most favored, simple design to totally express the Burberry style, carried on for centuries; also as the Brit (United kingdom) expressed by the United kingdom, but the fragrance isn't rigid, full of vibrant atmosphere, as if the actual young girl with a natural innocence. It placed a symbol of British-style Check totem, leaving BurberryBrit atmosphere where the young noble with a pretty little breath! scent to meet the region's most popular sweet as well as fruit flavor, built to extend the brand container, ergonomic bottle using a simple long white-colored lines, silhouetted against the pale pink The soft color, a fresh, soft, simple, elegant temperament, showing that girls may playful, elegant dual character can be. aroma: fresh floral along with fruity Top records: Italian lime, ice pears, green flat mango in flavor: sugar, sweet almond, white peony Following taste: vanilla, Dayton additionally beans, amber, mahogany BURBERRYLONDON Burberry Greater london perfume product information: BURBERRYLONDON women's fragrance is filled with elegant floral records. The first clear paperwork of fresh small citrus, honeysuckle and Uk garden roses. Your graceful feminine charm of the looming shift of gardenia, jasmine and heavy soft peony. Distributed fragile finish of sandalwood, musk along with patchouli. fragrance: fragrance flowery notes Top information: Clemens's small citrus, The united kingdom rose, honeysuckle. notes: Cultured flower, peony, jasmine. notes: sandalwood, musk, patchouli. use: 1, the next to increase by perfume: perfume used in the body, taste over time the temperatures to rise from the up coming; therefore use perfume, do not only target upper body to use, with a balanced distribution. Two, used in high temperature elements, more fragrant scent, perfume and body temperature is usually easier to deliver with a real flavoring, hence the use of the website at high temperature, than the use of more on clothes, incense, in season, use within the summer than in winter months easier to feel the taste. 3, used in the particular dynamic parts of the flavour, the flavor is more easy to distribute, fragrance may spread as a result the body's movements and use your handle, the inside of your elbow knee as well as other moving parts of one of the most frequently the ideal. Four, want to make indistinct aroma, you can spray perfume in the air first, and then full of perfume in the air revolving around, so fragrance evenly down within the body. 5, the skin might be sprayed perfume throughout underwear, handkerchiefs or dress at. perfume may be the date when the regulator is much more than fashion and also cosmetics reflect the flavors of a woman's mysterious thing. Which element do you think the most important and a lot need to attract his attention, where will spread perfume. We had this type of master JacquesPolge smell: fragrance spray to expect to get kissed in his place. About Save: 1. Scent packaging box is best placed, and in cooler areas, avoiding sun or perhaps light exposure. Only two. To cap snugly after use, a lot of perfume is to make next button, and in addition confirm whether the compression of the Oh ~ Three or more. Dip type The small perfume bottle mind picks please, steer clear of direct dip using your fingers or the physique; can also be a small jet into small fragrance bottle, on the one hand simple to operate, but also less likely to be volatile. 4. Usually do not put perfume on the refrigerator or bathroom, etc., than the more substantial difference between room temperature and humidity wherever Oh! big fashion, although the sample, jar, like fine craftsmanship! Lattice is very symmetrical, five-sided cover has a classic checked. Although the sample, yet based on the experience of the particular South in terms of little, 5ml often gray ash can be used often for some time, because the amount of a province, do not use excessive light oh ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh yeah, the smell of essentially the most fascinating ~~~ perfume using taboo: 1, sweating at Do not use: Avoid cologne and sweat blended together and the resulting changes in taste, especially the hair, armpit perspire more than other parts associated with 2, perfume don't mix: If previously mixed into the aroma will smell the personality and flavor of each sense. Three, perfume should be avoided in precious stones or leather: perfume usually has the chemical composition, the event of gem stones as well as leather or natural leather color will produce chemical changes. Several, pregnant women should don't use perfume: perfumes incorporate musk ingredients, the baby can have adverse side effects. basic plaid packaging, product packaging is very texture, very fine. a Oriental label Oh ~~~ even though sample, but the jar is still very fragile, lattice around its proportion, the cap also offers the same five confronts grid pattern, massive style na ~~~~ This is Manchester female fragrance presentation Oh, the grid is lower concavity, love! This particular savory taste had been very gentle, simply speaking, is the total income Yihe affordable Oh. bottom level of the box ~~~~~ the trunk, also a Chinese label Oh ~~~~ are doing exactly the same sample fine! Sigh! Deal with a very prominent control pattern of your ex noble sense. laying to a Oh ~~~~ this is one of the boxes, however this much perfume on the goods ... ... ... ... Well little or no ... Oh ... like we need to hurry up to grab ~~~ my personal people do not like to utilize perfume, first, due to the fact lazy, and second, simply because maybe my smell and taste are very sensitive, using a total Many perfumes are too strong feeling pungent, the taste a lot of ah ~ ~ But this really is love the women of London, the sweet fragrance, feeling not smelly, pale around your current side and wish to call deep breath much more news about ~~~-- Liya The fragrance is a friend to send the trial, just sprayed far more partial to the give an impression of body feeling flowery, fragrant perfume reasonably long time, tailwater like, nice fragrance is more well known at this time, more female, so I will select the time at night bottle of spray point. 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