Chen ZengjierelationresultThe pavilion of RuianLan

  • Chen ZengjierelationresultThe pavilion of RuianLane (this is a Ruian city south foreshore Street) Chen ,from Song Chunyou to Yan You ,eighty, an IV, by the preaching of complex ,extremely handsome men, poets ,edification and sing, Ding Ding Sheng said .
    Ge Lane Chen set Qing Ying source of a set of Yu Yuanyan you three years ( 1316 ) ,Chen Gang catalog ,Pei Yushan .Pei Xu said :&ldquo ;when it is, with only fresh poems can b. ,&hellip ;&hellip ;Chen you pull from which only &hellip ;&hellip ;Tang poetics origin ,Yichu right .
    &rdquo ;yuan Yongkang masters Hu Chang Ru order cloud :&ldquo ;East Jia Chen Ju Jing ( for ) both ancient and modern poems ,sun father was son of woman with salty ,but industry ,or for a selected one of its fifteen people for a number of poems ,a source Qing ying .
    &rdquo ;relationresultThecompany set the song and Yuan Dynasties ,from a world for Chen Jianshan Chen ,II ,Chen Yanghao ,Chen Weng Weng ,Ren Chen ,III of Chen Wen ,Chen Chang ,Chen Yin when ,Chen Keshi ,Chen ,and Chen Shishi ,Chen Gang ,Chen Li ,Bobby Chan IV ,Chen Guanbao ,a total of fifteen Poems ( 2 sequel in spite of ) .
    Content to &ldquo ;a tuck min Yi ,have benefit the world to teach &rdquo ;for the purpose ,style show &ldquo ;from ancient Qing ,meaning wide and is &rdquo ;characteristics, and its &ldquo ;tone rhythm do not often is far away ,the legacy &rdquo ;a different song ,with interest ,show &ldquo ;Qing Ying clan the .
    &rdquo ;traditional .With Chen for ,Chen Weng ( another article ) ,Ren Chen Weng ,Chen Chang ,Chen Gang achievement was five .relationresultChen( 1207-1274 ) ,for the word Ju Jing ,the number of apricot .
    Life of seclusion not Shi ,good read, &ldquo ;Chun woo through poetry in Ming &rdquo ;. Ge Lane Chen lineage cloud :&ldquo ;public bright is extraordinary ,academic texts .Hu Chang called the &ldquo &rdquo ;Ru ;ancient and modern poetry to &rdquo ;.
    He is Ge Lane Chen family poetry club promoter ,Qing Ying a source set out on a .The spring release and had been lost ,this deposit 6 poems ,poetry is quite clear to pen .relationresultWuguapricot the chant from cloud :&ldquo ;Castle around my house ,dark water drain fence .
    House number apricot ,former hand transplant .Spring Yu Ze ,wing color reflects the wasteland .&rdquo ;Hi Lang Jianfang yellow clouds :&ldquo ;Murata seedlings ,spring wide as ze .
    The cottage has no place on the stream .&rdquo is quite capable of writing ;Tian Ju city scene .They kill :&ldquo ;Chen Jianfang King Barry slaughter ,folk do not fade .The day without work, Castle Peak in the county hall .
    Reading by road ,rides to the Han ting .More a cup of wine ,so the temples have been the star .&rdquo ;- with rich flavor of light .The &ldquo ;&rdquo ;Union, than of don Cen Can first came to Qianwei as a &ldquo ;grass Duke residence, static ,the flower falls the court of first instance to &rdquo ;and Zhu Zai &ldquo Dongpo praise poetry ;officer to whatever ,butterflies fly order &rdquo ;sentence ,more delicate .
    relationresultRen ChenWeng ( 1251-1276 ) ,the word letter ,number, Lin Chau, Chen for the third sub . Qing Ying a source set volume one :&ldquo ;the first year of Song Jingyan ,king of Qin uprising troops .
    Zhang Shijie Xi ,carrying soldiers to Guangnan ,Ren and Du qian .Look ill ,died in the army, twenty-six years .&rdquo ;recorded 8 poems .Song and Yuan Yi leather ,High Commissioner for refugees at stake during ,either to be nothing but a scholar Weng ,sword fight, legend Wang Wu ,patriotism ,is able to die .
    The chronicle of the arms ,more generous desolate sound .The write rough Guangdong marching environment, such as the rat ,two first two: &ldquo ;a heavy group V ,flag one servant .
    The drive array cloud ,mixing drum vibration cold valley .&rdquo ;&ldquo :Fujian Qiao army ;and night moon ,arch ring in high cold north wind .Syrup jug old worry cry blood ,wild rice general Meng Ru mao .
    &rdquo ;how dumb ruff, a &ldquo ;the banner ,Ma Ming &rdquo ,Xiao Feng ;Su and tragic ,see also go out among Jianzhen extreme emotional meaning soldiers .The cloud :&ldquo ;the death of her husband but with meaning ,micro Paul &hellip ;&hellip ;there are all dead ,Shenwu pollution bamboo slips .
    &rdquo ;the arms ,and Wen Wenshan &ldquo ;all men are mortal. ,according to retain loyalty &rdquo ;the same high festival .relationresultChen Chang poems are widely ,writing on the Yin ,there are close to the reality of what .
    The former as an old war-song three song singing Zhang Xun .Tooth ,south of Yan Gaoqing off the tongue ,fingers ,arms hanging loyalty ,awe-inspiring and generous . Golden Taiwan cloud :&ldquo ;I E Yan Taiwan ,leisurely easy water .
    With yanzhao ,Dr. Peter day corporal .Who your friend deep ,not many gold .To build the table placing gold ,since King heart .&rdquo ;Ming Wu Lun chicken ribs set sequence that &ldquo ;Yu Jun of familiarity with justice not to &rdquo ;.
    Sun Qiangming Poetics on East Kerry :&ldquo ;extremely insightful comments .Infinite zigzag ,and in the forty word write ,the effortless .Both super-step ,and hosts ,really sing it .
    &rdquo ;relationresultChen Changpoem pen also varied ,open-ended body near the short five seven words of ancient law ,can write and draw freely as one wishes . Jade ,send Huiqin chapter listen play of aerobics music the what ,all are good at imitating describe .
    After a cloud :&ldquo ;hands on my heart ,such as phase - ,such as iron .After the rain ,a flute is dim autumn .It refers to the ten chaos cloud, reed Liu Xufei in succession .
    Kunshan Gu Feng that month break ,Wu Zhi sleeps v. too .The thin stings blowing water ,the village is Ling Jing poly cold sea .&rdquo ;from the auditory visual depiction music music image ,known as &ldquo ;God ,science into &rdquo ;( Sun Qiangming) .
    relationresultChen Gang,character in the original (or element ) ,Shi Chi ,Chen Chang the eldest son ,author of church Creek release ,this deposit 15 poems .Chen Gang poems with five laws ,straightforward style of writing ,Pu Danjian net, a four character .
    The late Yu Pingyang Guan Aozhi Lu after the river don ,since, church Creek Lodge ,a poem: &ldquo ;has a guest to Panasonic ,Hu Tong and Shi Gen .He leaves ,firework sunset village .
    Move seats more water ,see mountain not swinging door .Sit to forget the night long ,Yi Lu wet clothes .&rdquo ;visible complacent taste it .relationresultThe bestwarning region ,such as musician and send chapter &ldquo ;wild Xi Yun sit ,pine door water as adjacent &rdquo ;&ldquo ;after Zhao seclusion ;a waterside residential ,two on the hill ;&rdquo ;Xiao fat peach station &ldquo ;sober wind penetration ,clothing cold snow penetration of &rdquo ;words such as ;seven willow wind &ldquo ;Long Beach love blowing hard ,don worry .
    &rdquo road new sweep ;;the man to send &ldquo ;the sending station Hill cup of cold ,maple leaf burn incense &rdquo ;Yun Ye rice ;Tian that &ldquo ;westerly Falcon landed boxing was a cold day ,cattle to dorsal poly crow &rdquo ;clear Juanxiu ,run ,read .