The woman should have a good pair of shoes

  • The woman treasures: There are high heels, lipstick and earrings. Among them, the shoe is a symbol of strength and the fountain of youth. Attitude and choice of shoes reflect on their own attitude toward life. If you think you're young, you can also land in the 70-year-old human charm heels, self-confidence to show the beauty and charm! "
        Shoes that "character"
        People without shoes. However, the shoes are not like most people understand only means of transport. Expect that the shoes can be wrapped to protect the utility function of the foot; it can be decoration and fashion, and even a personal endorsement of products. cheap christian louboutin related to the self-evaluation and others cognitive, related to personal status and taste. As the Western saying "Never give the money to a worn leather shoes," revealed that, the shoes have even risen to the character, affect the career and development. Successful people may more fully appreciate along with good shoes from, in fact, it can make the glow of youthful, glamorous, reproduce the self-confidence, bloom the wonderful feeling of happiness. Smart people tend to be show and tips outside shoes: I'm the kind of person: I love life, care about quality; I care, advancing with the times.
    Shoes are the best accessories
        If you have read the "Sex and the City", you will remember Kelly's how fanatical love shoes. Even if it is running into financial dilemma, but also to spend $ 40,000 to purchase shoes; encounter robbers, she would offer beautiful bags, rings, watches, they were reluctant at the foot of a pair of Christian Louboutin Outlet were robbed. Like a lot of fashion-sensitive women, Kelly clearly the overall shape of the shoes really much more effect than any other accessories. A good pair of shoes can make people look more beautiful, more superior. The shoes can add brilliance to the clothes. Wear can reflect the personal style of the shoes, the overall image of the people to be more meaningful. The shoes can be the finishing touch for wardrobe management, such as the black high-heeled loafers, black boots, beautiful and comfortable flat shoes styles of shoes can make women more calmly deal with various situations and opportunities.
        Look at the shoes know woman
         as the saying goes, look at look at the shoes. Shoes can exposure a large extent our personality. Flat shoes, high heels, thick heels, Christian Louboutin Sale shoes, boots, sandals, wide range of shoes exchanged with a different language, tells a different emotion. Beauty and health writer or reporter Fanny Peterson believes that a person's styles, personality characteristics and needs of the target can be seen through the shoes. Help slippers as everyday wear: You are an old-fashioned singer style, live in order to attract male attention. Brown Oxford shoes: either you are a librarian or literature student, a salesperson or small shops. Not? Are you aware of the problem?
         Walking shoes, wear all day, everyday wear: you may just be the foot from pain, but this is safe, comfortable idea to make you look very poor, is always tired to work, waiting for someone else's role.
         Casual shoes: you're likely typical of women, husbands, children, careers on track. Your hair and makeup are quite satisfactory.