Christian Louboutin, in early spring 2012 limited series

  • Collection enrichment brainchild of Christian Louboutin Anecdotes from two decades reproduce    the theme of the brand logo design. Reproduction the theme of the mark, architecture, art and design, coupled with his lifelong obsession with showgirls, exotic love, and appreciation of the opponent process, which are deeply influenced his design. Christian Louboutin, often in unexpected ways clever use of a variety of unique materials, shapes and colors, which are the interpretation of these inspiration. His wanton in proportion to create a bold attempt on the shape, and has never diminished fascination complexes, he set a unique style.
        Christian Louboutin trapped inside of the showgirls attracted early design inspired the Paris dancers dancing on the stage in The Teenage Years. In his eyes, the showgirl is the ultimate expression of beauty and exotic, they are more often analogy to the Bird of Paradise. La Pluminette who live the meaning of vivid these dream, with plenty of feathers to create a feeling of light and smart, exquisite and extraordinary. Bring an endless supply of inspiration for the dancers, perform arts appreciation and love for cheap christian louboutin . No matter what in the form of legs with vigor, known as Tina Turner, or known to the gorgeous performance of Dita, Von Teese, with a design of Christian Louboutin's interpretation of the head, full of stage presence. A Series of the perfect capture, interpretation and reflects Tina extraordinary charm, fringed structured so that every step to show the elegant and dynamic, to pay tribute to the outstanding performers.
       Christian Louboutin is likely to travel, which driven by the initiatives of his record in the arts, his exotic taste into the unique aesthetic and the brand into the quarter after quarter of Christian Louboutin Sale and handbag design. Explore new regions and new culture is also rich in Christian Louboutin's imagination, he sees the local bazaar for inspiration treasure house, and to discover new colors, fabrics, art and furniture into the footwear world.
       Copt from Egypt sandals Christian Louboutin's another wonderful for inspiration from his travels Luxor Queen's Valley, a local craftsman to buy Egyptian cross. The Copt colors and delicate and complex weave texture, which are reflected in the love and esteem of Christian Louboutin on the traditional arts and crafts.
       Craftsmen, from Egypt to France's haute couture, the process that has been an indispensable element in the Christian Louboutin design. Open-toed high heels Christian Louboutin Outlet will perfectly embody this dedication, collected style replacement metal young heel and delicates buckle duties elegant.  
        Christian Louboutin's studio in Paris, where gave birth to a lot of classic design. 20 years, with superb technology and extraordinary artistic talent, he designed a lot of unique footwear. From the exquisite embroidery of the Queen Mary, the French-inspired footwear, Jean-Francois Lesage, the slant to be designed specifically for the exhibition of David Lynch, Paris, and all demonstrate the infinite possibilities of creation. Particular, this series is designed Artemis Paris handbags, shoulder strap with crystal slabs of classic architectural landmark in Paris, the interpretation of Christian Louboutin minds of the Paris scenery. Handbags used materials collected from around the world and the manual is made to highlight the Christian Louboutin unsurpassed artistic talent and imagination.