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  • Everything can not imagine.

        Over. Another in the victory, the twilight side arm so that the wind, cold look at the surrounding of the three, with the fall of the Red Ribbon around that the original false image shattered around, have been only three people only.

        Make wind a trick, but it paid a huge price, no one thought the other side actually has the properties of such terror,louis vuitton outlet, in order to recover to its previous state, so the wind would need at least a year's time.

        Three people, then there is no tone, seems to be a modest hint of it. Old age and the client does not know the lost spiker can play any tricks, but the mind has been has been strange to worry about, everything seems too smooth, these people seem to have too weak, it can not help but worry. False Devil May Cry would not have let them leave this from the ghost sector.

        What? The real battle?

        The twilight side of the pupil suddenly zoom in, because he felt a familiar atmosphere is slowly swelling behind. That the Red Ribbon, and that heart is still ringing in our old age and end in the hands of the guy, actually once again stand up, but the atmosphere is more powerful.

        Already know you and the origin of the wind for many years,authentic louis vuitton, knew he would never look at you a man die, just the game just to expose your tricks. Rare, your way is beyond our imagination , I also paid with their lives. Unfortunately, I am not a spiker, and my ability to not just the pile of bloody worms. my ability - die! Article Lingsi nineteen chapter shall be final
        Article Lingsi nineteen chapter shall be final

        Thoroughly deceived, from the beginning, the red ribbon on the arm of the man of that root is a trap,louis vuitton outlet, the purpose is to lead them to believe that this man of extraordinary significance.

        That he was just a decoy, one relied on their own immortality risked his life to test the ability of the bait. Unfortunately, they are successful, this test is tested, and no one would suspect that this mad guy turned out to be a substitute.

        Die, the world is really immortal people?

        Some stations in the twilight side instability, the situation today is worse than expected is actually desperate. His regret, regret will make wind damage has become now so do not have now the ability to make wind even suicide, not to mention self-defense.

        Do not make the wind, the twilight side also understand that he did not escape the palms of the four, there is an immortal obstacles to doing human flesh, that the spiker did not show up, even if he launched a What is the use?

        Make the eyes of the wind is still clear, you can see that he did not have the slightest regret anything, can this fighting side by side very satisfied and now, he needs companions to help end their lives, save the last vestiges of the dignity of the soldiers.

        The cold voice interrupted the old age and end of the last fight, he hesitated, and did not timely shot-taking of the life of the wind, and is life and life away from their own hands.

        Needless to say, the side of old age and also understand the intention of these guys, they took a fancy to not make the wind, but that has the blood of the wind integration bone. Has lost the significance of the battle, but he will never allow their partners to become the slaughter of the test products.

        As a warrior, the most frightening is the loss of war. Old age and end on the battlefield, in the face of death made taboo, wait until he thought the fighting, has lost this opportunity, real spiker has to carry his head in the hands.


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