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  • Rain of Fire sneer.

    Rain of Fire laughter faded, beside him a dozen fire house people quickly out of the weapons will be surrounded by a narrow range of the power of the body with starlight all released, was actually no one less than the Award level.

    Suddenly sounded a loud shout, followed by a white black shadow flash, fell into the Lingyuan three personal before, and then everyone felt the ten white beam of light from heaven, went straight to a dozen of the fire house in ten a lasing away.

    The next moment, the piercing cry sounded the face of the Rain of Fire is very ugly, because of his out of ten people this sudden attack hit became seriously injured, has been temporarily lost the combat effectiveness.

    Lingyuan three people rejoicing endless, because they know this attack, the more aware of standing in front of them black shadow black shadow is naturally dry David was wearing a black brilliant clothing, of course, there is a small dry H white.

    Specific later, again, be resolved before him. This time, Rain of Fire to see the dry hung like strong extrusion smile, work against David said: accounting than the injured fire family thing. Rain of Fire The reason for this can completely blow dry hung to quell,louis vuitton sale, although it also let see the dry hung the stars of the Award level division, but he was unable to determine the real strength of each other, after all, just that a hit too shocked.

    Then dry hung the other side have some doubts do not know the dry hung an instant with a spiritual sword, attacked the spirit of the rain of fire, and in the other trace of trance's time, and instantly appear in front of the Rain of Fire, knives readily move, Daoguang flash, a knife marks on the neck of the Rain of Fire.

    Dry hung after all this back to the Lingyuan a few people around, the rain of fire came crashing down, decapitated, and the neck is bleeding profusely, their eyes showing, unwilling and incredibly strong.

    At this time, eyes wide open and do not believe that, more than died Rain of Fire, even the the Lingyuan three individuals like to see a monster like standing in front of them looked dry hung, the remainder of the fire house a few people,authentic louis vuitton, all hands and feet and knees collapsed to the ground.
    Chapter 43 hot springs and the metamorphosis of lotus
        After a long pause, Lingyuan only the pressure of cross God unconsciously asked: Dry David did not say anything, just nodded his head. See dry David nodded Lingyuan three people, as a glance, and then said in unison: Indeed, for the generation of their large family, kill general, really do not have their hands,louis vuitton monogram, after all, there are a lot of lower status than their people at home.


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