Zhang Jun personal honor again many

  • , Acquire three hat kings of unprecedented in history of may have much big. Compare with the result of the ball team, Zhang Jun personal honor again many 1:The best shooter of Italian cup match.At the same time, he is in the champion cup, also same pull a Di promise by the Ji that three margins of balls lead AC Milan.The last finals, he is very likely to become the best shooter of champion cup, so he also completed the best shooter of individual three hat king. This match quarter is the match quarter of bumper crop in Florence, this match quarter is also the match quarter of Zhang Jun's bumper crop.His status has never been like so discount Coach wallets stable this summer with outstanding lead.If this kind of status can keep on keeping on, will definitely walk farerly on Chinese brigade of the world cup in South Africa. And more more important than status, after experiencing a thus multifarious game, Wholesale Coach Handbags most let the left foot ankle that Zhang Jun worries by himself/herself haven't wanted a wrong evidence at 1:00, he doesn't have the harassment of wound disease. Probably and really is father's soul to protect him in the top. BE taking the second day of Italian cup, Sa Ba Tuo will beg owner to forget a previous league match champion and Italian cup match champion.Think to prove discount Michael Kors bags that oneself is a Hao ball team in the door to the people of this world on the finals that wants Cheap Coach Bags to concentrate all of the energy to European champion cup now, to Florence, so only seize European champion, this road, only at least acquire a ball team of European champion cup champion just the communicant be called "Hao door". Taking leave Su of home noodles is thin, give repeated advice to her must see his game in Germany.Zhang Jun followed ball team to leave Florence and flew the sand Er of leaving for Germany gram and prepared after three days the champion cup over there finals. Meanwhile in China …… He Wen to Yung-loh Lee tells white to have no the slightest of surprise, because she knows she's position in the this man's heart, their one day there will will walk to arrive together of.Make her a little bit some accident of BE, telling of Yung-loh Lee white and Be different from she thinks of so stupid, but seem to be very romantic, take a lot of trouble. "For the sake of the this day, I am in mind to practice a lot of times."Yung-loh Lee the ring takes in hand, stretch He Wen of at present, " Wen Wen, would you like to marry to me?" The romantic candlelight shines upon He Wen's face, the ray of light in the her eyes continuously jumps up.Is previous today, she is just a common white-collar worker and lives a quiet life, there is no medium understanding she, whole Chinese great majority none of persons know have her in the world No.1 so person.But led today, the whole affirmation can't be getting more similar-she will become the fiancee of famous ball star Yung-loh Lee of international Milan.She wills can not continue in the company of the place in nowadays to go to work and does her common white-collar worker, much time, she will appear before spot light together with Yung-loh Lee and be calm of the life will leave her to far go. However at this moment, He Wen far didn't think so many, she now sink to immerse among huge happiness.She even no longer knows"I would like to" that she when answers, be she responds to come over of time, her discovering that diamond ring has already Coach Handbags outlet been worn at her finger up. Lightly the Yung-loh Lee Mo Suo wears this hand that wore a diamond ring, delicate Wen Ruan."My house in Milan is very big, very empty, very desolate.After I hope this summer, you can pass by together with me, we are together living.Then seek time of an accommodation, we are two matrimonies."Yung-loh Lee has already started imagining two people's world. Finish eating supper, Yung-loh Lee sent to He Wen in person well afraid house-actually is also the house in of Anne, because of Anne over a long period of time not at domestic.So He Wen sought a work in the Luo sun and lived in her elder brother's home, conveniently also look Michael Kors Handbags after two old men.Anyway Anne exclusively buys for parents of the house is very big, the room is a lot of, Be not afraid of to can not accommodate. Certainly, this summer, Anne also returned to oneself's home naturally, 2 brother and Coach Handbags outlet sister live a cake of now. discount Michael Kors bags Feelings include He Wen Heng of ownership the song opened door and made Anne that watches television in the living room feeling very strange, the supper was previous today.As He Wen Shuo is toing go out the mood is very good, but kill all don't say who the person that invite her is. Gave the uncle the aunt to beat after receiving, He Wen Zou into own room.Anne Ke Jue