Hey Hey congratulates you to

  • , He touches nearby of Zhang Jun."Although night order, however still Michael Kors Handbags outlet need to congratulate you created a new record, and this recording can't be rewrited inside very long period of time in the future." Congratulation Zhang Jun Cheap Coach Bags like this is having already listenned to must not want to listen to again over these two days, however speaks in Lu mouth from the gram, or has different feeling ground. "Thank.Hope I one day have opportunity to congratulate you." "I can have what good congratulation of?I can not create into ball to record again." Wholesale Coach Handbags "Hey Hey congratulates you to find out an another half."Zhang Jun cunningly smiles. "There ……Zhang Jun, you at dry what?Had to hear me to just speak?"Sa Ba Tuo discovers that someone is absenting without leave, he held tight typical model Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun hurriedly lifts up head:"?" "Do I say that you had to hear me to just speak?" "Beating Rome has to notice a side the road together flies of military tactics, their side the road defend not how.We have a lot of opportunities to result in into ball ……"gram Lu the low 眘 head Cheap Coach Bags is by the side of Zhang Jun mumbling way. Then Zhang Jun follow the words that a gram of Lu once said him intact of read 1 time again. Ba Tuo of Sa is a bit shocked, he originally thinks Zhang Jun is definitely in the desertion ground, have never thought to really reply to say of Cheap Coach Bags a word not bad, even his phrasing in ground a mistakes all shone on to read out.He has no language to say, Song shrug shoulders, continue to speak his military tactics. Zhang Jun's twisting a head to give a gram Lu is an impassioned smile.This a moment he feels to imitate the classroom that the Buddha returned to a senior high school top.Have a class to talk be held tight by the teacher, then depend on the match for sitting at the same table to just pass through crisis. He gram Lu ground the tacit understanding have already not only only embodied on the ground. "Is too strong, are you how to attain?The part talks with me.The part can also listen to the owner speaking."Zhang Jun this voice depressed a lot. "Be medium field player, always attain to understand very much to the peripheral environment and the attention of the height."Gram Lu equanimity's saying, equanimity of be like his one heart two use is that the very normal affair is similar. "……Like, should say ground, I said.The day after tomorrow our game I hope mindset that you feel easy to reply.Nothing important in Rome well afraid of, the league match champion is ours.The Italian cup champion will be ours!Our real target BE-European champion cup champion!" ※※※ Is positive such as Sa Ba give the ground said so, the status of Rome is very good, unfortunately of is that they met better Florence of status.At both parties head the round ground exchange blows in the middle, with lend Zhang Jun and Pa together Ni of enter ball, Florence lord field 2:0 won Rome. Three days empress of second Michael Kors Handbags outlet round, Sa with sheer confidence Ba Tuo even didn't make Zhang Jun Shou send out a field.But is with gram Lu together sit is substituting to repair at table to see Fan Pei Xi and receive to give in fertile of perform. Even if returned to own main field, brigade in Rome faced two ball margins, there is also no better way.Because the style of Florence is who all understand, even if they body place guest's field, unless judge a factor, otherwise they will definitely be guest's field lord field to kick.Rotate to make still keep being very suitable in this time, substituted to repair the player's will to fight to make up everything.Result from beginning to end Zhang Jun and gram Lu even warm up don't do.Sa Ba Tuo sees a game always under his control, simply let the full rest of main player, they will leave for sand Er in the Ao of Germany next Wednesday gram ground and AC discount Coach wallets Milan a definitely superiority. Most piece although brigade in Rome beat in one to enter ball in own main field, and succeeded of have never let to Michael Kors Handbags outlet attackstone super strong Florence of dint to break a door to get a goal.But still with 1:2 total scores lose to Florence. Just be they hold up an Italian cup in guest's field of time, since have no like the war whoop of thunder, also have no too many gifts flower with colourful take.But the players by themselves like seem to be a not enough excitement-and the league match champion compare with, this Italian cup really is a champion that doesn't calculate what, take it pure be for making up a number. Than oneself's player in Florence still excitedly then the medium of Italy.Very the multimedias after all acquiring a cup match in Florence champion start guessing they become champion a cup champion of may have much big