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  • Be like a gentle kitty, lie prone a muttering way on Zhang Jun's chest. "Wait me hereafter back service, I will definitely every day so what all not do ground to accompany yours.Is very sorry now I don't go, because does the permafrost peaceably still need me to support." Su is thin to smile to pound Zhang Jun's chest:"It doesn't matter, we still have plenty of time." "Do you say this deck chair to bear two people's weight?" "Certainly, very hard." "So if top of two personal actions again a little bit vigorous?" …… The European Continent in this day is all sun shines everywhere everywhere, seldom good weather. ※※※ A person of Yung-loh Lee lifts handbag Ma Er Peng in the Milan airport, helplessly listen to a hint sound in the ground:"Your stiring the customer of dozen has already shut down, please stir again soon discount Coach wallets afterward."Then the handle knob machine take away from the ear. He is intending to make telephone farewell call for Zhang Jun before leaving Italy to return to country.Ask him to have at the same time what need he to help him the type of message for bringing back of, have never thought the whole morning, piece handsomely the telephones be all placed in to shut down.It Be about to get on board right away.He won't can stir to make a phone call that time.Have to shut down now. The international Milan fails on European match field discount Michael Kors bags and on whole lineses of local match field, the this match of his quarter has been already ended.Zhang Jun, Yang Pan not and rather stays in Italy to continue their gratitude and grudge on the hat match field in Europe. However also calculate like this beneficial have a fraud, he can wait persons to take a rest for one more weeks with Yang Pan than Zhang Jun, this period of time he intends to use a return Coach Handbags outlet the Luo sun makes sure his own love ownership.In the Luo sun, also there is a girl of amiability at wait him.Although he is occupied in and the piece handsomely have never sought girl friend towards always having never promised for that Michael Kors Handbags female kid definitely what, but he tacit understanding ground, that female kid also tacit understanding of have never sought boyfriend, both parties' heart all clear, the another half of mind early already someone-that is each other. Looking at noisy Yang Pan Jia and Zhang Jun Jia.And Anne Ke Jia.Yung-loh Lee also feels that there are some spaces in they's villa in Milan is too greatly too desolate. The broadcasting of airport is hinting that his passenger of this service got on board.Yung-loh Lee has the sunglasses worn and lowers the head to walk to the boarding.He will arrive first the Luo sun seeks what Wen, then again go to Peking and national brigade ground the other member of team remit to match, immediately after he will return to Europe, and the national brigade watches Florence finals to the Cheap Coach Handbags European champion cup of the AC Milan on the scene together. Finally, they will go to South Africa together, for the sake of an occupation player.The dream in a football fancier heart starts to Wholesale Coach Handbags sprint. ※※※ "The Italian cup match of two round host and guest field systems, we be still lord field first, I don't feel that these two games will can hardly beat.The Rome's recent status is really quite good, they the ground don't hurt to let in a row they the league match ninth became the fifth when the match quarter ends.But that because they didn't meet with status than their not so bad of we!"Sa Ba gives make threatening gestures in the locker room of analyze to arrive to own player of Italian cup finals Wednesday evening of first round-this week. "We are two champions of continuous league matches now.We own the best shooter of three continuous league matches.You remember, we are the great kings of discount Coach wallets Italy, the vehemence that the great king will take out some great king, have no our taking doesn't come down of game.We root need not harm afraid of, Michael Kors Handbags outlet the troops that can vanquish us now didn't°yet, which afraid is ourselves." "Will not be frightenned by the so-called analysis of those idiocy medium to pour, they don't understand us exactly have much strong!Only we know that we are stupid by ourselves!!"Sa Ba Tuo Xie tone, then continue to counter-question a way:"Now, have you already understood?" The item Tao put on spittle star on a face son and ordered:"Understand, owner.Say around, our affirmation can win." "H'm, comprehend of quite good."Sa Ba Tuo satisfiedly orders, then continues to say, "we come to continue again so now analytical Rome that helping the rabbit Zai the son will use what military tactics ……" The gram Lu didn't with concentration listen to the fanaticism lecture that Sa Ba gives