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  • And Su Be thin to lie up.Then the piece so stretched a lazy waist and beat a gape. "Just just gotted up and then gaped.Did you trap again?" Zhang Jun smiled:"Have no, just feel to lie like this, don't do anything, insolate the sun stunned in fact is also a very happy life." Su is thin to turn head sideways to ask a way:"Be getting more tired?" Wholesale Coach Handbags "Have a little.However just have a little, this game in match quarter is getting tooer many.Is too intensive.Even can not take a rest in summer."Zhang Jun Mi rises eyes to hope the sky way.He doesn't seem to be other stars so have no a matter to like to wear pair sunglasses to show one different. "So led this summer?" "Is still very tired."Zhang Jun continues Yang to wear a head."Probably was only me Wholesale Michael Kors Handbags to back service just can't feel tired.After an a fondness for becomes an occupation, will have this felling." Su was thin to sit, stretched hand before Zhang Jun's eyes to sway to sway:"Feed.I say that you just still became'on the hoof legend', how have the Cheap Coach Bags second day already said this kind of frustrated words?You now should so ……"Su is thin to stand, then stand with arms akimbo all alone, the skill points to the sky, raise head to stick out chest of say, " stop worrying!The permafrost discount Michael Kors bags peaceably handed over to me!" Zhang Jun roars with laughter, he feels Su the being like of thin performance Ao that saw before especially Man. "I if really so did, the meeting was clapped hopeless situation by the plank brick.In fact I also know just and completed a 80 in the last yearses all the nobody attained of the affair is very worth proud and proud of affair.But how say?H'm ……"Zhang Jun continue to hope a sky, gradual of he feels the sunlight don't so stab an eye in the beginning, the sky of the color have already been not a pale color either.But is became a soft blue."The person head quarter sets a target for he or she, then before completing a target, will have much of will to fight.But when he completes he for it struggled a target for a long time behind, he will feel very empty a while.Previous will to fights all disappear of have no trace and shadow.I the condition have a little to is similar discount Michael Kors bags to now." Su thin way:"Be not there are also two champions?Italian cup match champion and champion cup champion." "That was another target, in the center had partition, which afraid the partition is a day.Consequently, re- make sure own target for a while before I think here, seek for oneself afresh a continue the will to fight rise Yang of reason, which afraid just one lend.Be like now our like this and leisurely and carefreely insolating the sun is a very happy life, but isn't current I should enjoy ground, because the warm sunlight will make me produce sloth."Zhang Jun stretched a lazy waist again."Today after of very long a period of time, I still need to continue to keep on struggling and continue a game connect a game, don't stop of keep on kicking.I have never said and backed service after this match quarter end."Zhang Jun twists head to station at he nearby of Su Be thin to say with smile. "But, I still need to be made sure for a while and give oneself a worth long-last struggling target, isn't only a champion and a record so simple."Zhang Jun so always looking at Su thin, " make me can not produce sloth forever, ignore much much more tired bitter, time is much long, I would like to be of struggle of target." There is sunlight in Su's thin eyes is gleaming fluxion."I like to see that you kick ball, you are present up kick ball, I take a picture for you.Then still hope that you can always keep that kind of the personality of the sunlight, because I like.Immediately Michael Kors Handbags after hope that you accompany forever at my Michael Kors Handbags ignore whether you still kicked ball nearby.Hoping us to get married can all not fight forever after, there is no so-called seven years of Yang, there is a baby with beautiful health, we all really love him, he also loves Wholesale Michael Kors Handbags us.Finally hope that we can slowly become old together ……Xi Xi, I isn't some greed?"Su is thin lovely of vomit."These can all need you try very hard to of complete." Zhang Jun shakes:"None of 1:00s is greed."Then he sits in seat of honor from the chair, " like, I really need put forth new energy!Permafrost peaceably please hand over to me!!" Su was thin to smile to bend from the waist.Zhang Jun complies with the surrounding to hug her at she's bosom. "Today the weather is very good." "H'm."Su is thin