football is re- taken out sale of time

  • Compete an entering of last moment ball, so both parties restart a game have no how long, the plate umpire blew to ring end Shao.Then he stretches hand to want football to take on the he's hand and walked into after judging a locker room he packs football directly at his Michael Kors Handbags wrap in, bring back a house to collect go to.Led for many years in the days to come, be this football is re- taken out sale of time, unexpectedly clapped EUR 200,000, have already also calculated an exorbitant price.However all of these are the empresses words, now not load. Make awards ceremony to return and similar last year, they were the champions of Italy, they equally thought that they were the discount Coach wallets kings of world.Whole field Gao Chang the atmosphere of 《we are champions 》 is really good. Zhang Jun became the focus of the medium, not only was Italian medium and Chinese medium after the match, connect the other medium Michael Kors Handbags outlet of Europe all at pay attention to this idea A the historical and the best shooter is for 80 years. On the second day in 09/10 match quarter Italian football first grade league match be over, Zhang Jun's situation temporarily have no two, he became last fame of this star most ring, the most tremendous ball star. But 《Milan athletics report 》 of the card benefit second Ni place have much of tacit understanding with 《sport world weekly paper 》 of Li Yan's location of exclusively report Zhang Jun to break history, create the article of new record to call: On the hoof legend. This was already very fantastic the very fantastic honor for a current player. Four-part legend chapter 252 gives his/her own a target Zhang Jun turns over to looking at the newspaper on the table and simultaneously eat Su thin for the breakfast that he readies to.The athletics version is almost whole is relevant his report, the result of Coach Handbags outlet other games' pouring is put not very arresting window way.The newses that even connect Florence to win a league match champion all became political satellite. Competed one be over yesterday, he was continuously to receive of congratulation get telephone. Yang Pan, card card, expect Si Teng, Yung-loh Lee and Anne.Include far at own local mother, parents with thin Su, and the bishop of national brigade does Chiu vegetable Hui. They all made congratulation telephone call, so the whole night Zhang Jun's cellular phone have never eliminated to once stop.After winning is a crary celebration naturally, from player to coaches all play crazy.They still have the finals of Italian cup after even forgetting for three days. The many people are all hangover, so today Sa Ba Tuo have to declare training cancel, either and let everyone take a rest a rest and start training again from tomorrow. So, Zhang Jun also enjoyed for a seldom delightfully fresh morning-he handle knob organization machine.The time that goes home to go to bed close, he didn't hope to asleep feel time again drive telephone noisy come to, which afraid is a congratulation, will also make people not very great. Boring of finished turning over newspaper, finished eating breakfast, then Michael Kors Handbags outlet helped Su thin tidied up a bowl of chopsticks, immediately after the station is by the side of the pond and looking at Su thin do dishes, have one to have no for a sky of literally chatting with her. Everythings are all very common.The sunlight of early summer in Florence projects to come in through the glass window of kitchen that generous brightness and splash in the pond of water bead in the sun radiant and extremely keen, the doorway puts of two potted plants of greens let the whole room seem to be animate.Zhang Coach Handbags outlet Jun ever and more than oncely once imagined and was after he backed service, as long as and Su was thin to lead thus mild life, he was getting more fully satisfied. Rare off day, Zhang Jun feels where don't go as well, don't go shopping, don't take part in any business activity.China Fang has already told him.Along with he the reputation promote in foot altar in the world, he the later meeting is more and more and busily.The day that so is like to do nothing like this Cheap Coach Bags today is it may be said little of Be getting less again. Wait Su thin do dishes Michael Kors Handbags outlet chopsticks.Put away a kitchen, wipe a clean hand.Zhang Jun's proposal says yard in take a sunbathe chat. The sunlight of glitter that Su is thin to see an outside promised, however the sheet a cake of that needs the bedroom an inside before taking a sunbathe takes out to insolate.Double person the thing on the bed is many, Su is thin a personal affirmation take not over, hence Zhang Jun also helps together, 2 people embraced sheet to arrive at the yard of sunlight glitter inside.Hang sheet again on the horizontal pole. Su is thin to tap everywhere some kind of, let the sheet be getting more loose soft.This is just satisfied with of urged tone. Zhang Jun moves away the deck chair in two white, a table.Then put in yard the center,