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  • Vice mayor WuGang: responsible for education , science and technology (intellectual property rights), health, industry and commerce administration, quality and technology supervision, sports, food and drug supervision and management, file, confidentiality, adviser, literature, the ambition, the Red Cross.
    Secretary general Chen peace: assist the city government leader is responsible for handling the city government daily work, presided over the city government office overall work, is responsible for organizing the city government fake oakley scalpel sunglasses, municipal government plenary meeting of the standing conference, the mayor's office meeting, and be responsible for coordinating the mayor, vice mayor and municipal government, the daily activity of the major arrange citywide activity, is responsible for the coordination and deal with the agency and staffing, assist the mayor's National People's Congress, political consultative conference, contact the democratic parties and federations of industry and commerce work, contact the city government laboratory, responsible for the city government outside agency and the municipal government DuZhaShi work. According to xinhua news agency head of the first training class 26, a class in Beijing. Zhou yongkang of central political KaiBanShi attend. He stressed that fake oakleys polarized radar range, strengthen the leading cadres of politics and law of learning and training, improve the political and legal work and political leadership team of the quality level.
    Video: zhou yongkang attended the head of KaiBanShi training course
    Source: CCTV news broadcast"
    Zhou yongkang puts forward six hope: a want good political direction. Must unswervingly adhere to the leadership of the party to political and legal work, enhance the political keen and the political distinction ability, is a problem in the central associates maintain highly consistent. 2 should be subject to service the overall situation. Third, we need to take the lead in accordance with the law. Firmly establish socialist legal concept, takes the lead to implement the constitution and laws. The fourth is to close ties with the masses. Explore new situation ZhuanQun combination, city and county level 3 party committee head of 462 people attend study.