The European commission official announcement to say

  • Another enterprise in people accept the economic reference news reporter interviews that, the next step will have a large enterprise application for reexamination, to change its current ruling and burden of high tariffs. More important, the state level great victory of foreign trade lawsuit, also suffered from the European Union and to many trade sanctions enterprise played a agent "booster", later will have more enterprise take legal weapon to the international stage, according to the European Union and China enterprise not fair to award litigation replica oakleys, protect fair trade environment.
    The European Union this great scope SheHua comprehensive review of antidumping case, from China in the WTO made last year a favor.
    July 15, 2011, the WTO appeal institution release China eu anti-dumping case carbon steel fasteners lawsuit the award of the report, the European Union that the anti-dumping basic regulations of article 9 (5) about the "separate tax rate" laws violate WTO rules. This is China's WTO on the European Union in the lawsuit filed for the first time, the industry was called the evaluation won will force the eu revisions have been used more than 10 years of discriminatory trade terms, is our system has important victory.
    The European commission official announcement to say, in view of the WTO dispute settlement body central fasteners dispute case last year's ruling, decided to invite and the eu is effective, using a separate tax rate is closely related to the calculation method of anti-dumping measures in relation to the European commission put forward the direction of the application for review, and the relevant measures for examination and approval after the European commission will make revocation, modify, or maintain measures decision. Earlier, the European commission has promulgated by June in fasteners anti-dumping measures review announcement.
    26 at night, the ministry of commerce of TiaoFaSi this speech said the Chinese pie to execute the wto dispute institutions of the ruling welcome measures. China hopes that, the European Union can be executed as early as possible the wto ruling, the comprehensive corrected its anti-dumping investigation in violation of the rules of the world trade organization in practice, giving Chinese enterprise fair treatment, and promote the healthy development of bilateral trade. The ministry of commerce support our export enterprise actively participate in the review, and protect their legal rights and interests, and will pay close attention to review progress.
    According to WTO rules requirements knockoff oakleys, the eu should be in 2012 years before 8 October modification completion the relevant laws. In citic Pacific special steel group international trade company general manager LiuWenXue opinion, the law is the most important trade lawsuit, a foundation of this link all existing problems, that the commission had enough to to our country many enterprise ruling is not fair.
    "The European Union after the wrong practices of reflected in legislation and operating two levels. The legislation, and the European Union has level started the legislation to modify a program, the draft amendment basic formed; operational level, the comprehensive review of previous wrong practices can be regarded as the fixed." Jin city law firm partners FuDongHui told the economic reference news reporter.
    China mechanical and electrical products import and export Chambers of commerce legal service center director LiuHuiJuan told reporters that as an industry representatives

    , enterprises should seize the opportunity, and actively responding, get good results.