the high speed development of traffic

  • The Beijing news: the high speed development of traffic of the problems is already so, what do you suggest?
    LiuDaDao: traffic planning with adjustment must be cautious and scientific reasoning. Suggest "1025" and after traffic investment scale will share of GDP of 3% in the control-4% of the level. Will focus on promoting people naturally traffic construction and transportation organizations.
    Coordinate the rail and air "heaven and earth" contradictions fake oakley active sunglasses, highways and inter-city rail passenger market competition, etc. The ministry of commerce TiaoFaSi chief 26, the European commission announced it will review the anti-dumping measures speech, eu to execute the wto dispute institutions of the ruling welcome measures.
    The official said the Chinese side note to the European commission on March 23, the release of 52 anti-dumping measures to review announcement, also pay attention to the European commission previously released on March 6 on the fasteners anti-dumping measures the announcement of a review. China hopes that, the European Union can be executed as early as possible the wto ruling, the comprehensive corrected its anti-dumping investigation in violation of the rules of the world trade organization in practice, giving Chinese enterprise fair treatment, and promote the healthy development of bilateral trade.
    The officials say, the ministry of commerce support China's export enterprise actively participate in the review, and protect their legal rights and interests, and will pay close attention to review progress.
    The European Union is the world to China has launched most anti-dumping investigation of the members of the world trade organization. July 31, 2009, China will eu fasteners anti-dumping measures which is the basis of the measures and the eu the anti-dumping basic ordinance to appeal to the wto dispute settlement mechanism. July 15, 2011, the world trade organization ruled report issued an appeal institution, ruled that the eu the anti-dumping basic regulations on the individual tax provisions and the eu's fasteners anti-dumping measures in violation of the world trade organization rules. The ruling to solve the eu anti-dumping investigation of the Chinese a systematic attention fake oakley sport sunglasses. In a sense, is the Chinese side in the challenge of the European Union trade relief legislation and practice of a victory for the system.
    According to understand, for the execution of the world trade organization ruled that the European Union should be revised its the anti-dumping basic ordinance, and adjust the fasteners anti-dumping measures. March 6,, the European commission issued announcement inviting involving fasteners anti-dumping measures put forward China's export enterprise application for review. March 23,, the European commission issued a again, aluminum foil, bicycle, involving invited ceramic tile 52 anti-dumping measures put forward China's export enterprise application for review. 26 days afternoon, hubei new metallurgical steel, general manager of qian gang fly to Germany

    , then push to the new measures, invite aluminum foil 52 SheHua anti-dumping measures put forward enterprise application for review.
    "This is a very significant victory, proved we can also use the world trade organization (WTO) rules maintenance legal rights. Believe that there will be a lot of enterprise positive response." Qian gang in phone calls to the economic reference news reporter said.