That is the national synthetically reform testing district

  • "That is the national synthetically reform testing district." LiuWeiDong said, chongqing farmers out of homestead, concentration regulation into arable land. "To an average of 300000 per ticket system fake oakleys polarized radar range, deduct 100000 reclamation, tear open room money, are able to get 85% of the net profit, 15% to save an average farmer collective, with our money 100000 yuan."
    LiuWeiDong think, chongqing practice is to renovate "hollow village" a effective way.
    To this, LiuYan with researchers think, chongqing land circulation pattern is an innovative system, but farmers back land, if appear from the money, appear "ZuoChiShanKong", also need to consider.
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    "Some provinces and cities and development road is a railway for political achievement
    Academician of the Chinese academy of sciences LiuDaDao Suggestions, traffic investment accounts for of GDP should be controlled in 3%-4%
    The report points out that, since 2003, of nearly 40000 kilometers in construction of highway, accumulative total investment has amounted to 2 trillion yuan of above, and by the end of 2009 the total debts of $1.5 trillion up.
    Economic geographer, member of LiuDaDao said traffic "high speed" development fundamentally, the use of the money savings is common people, must according to the situation of the construction of the perfect transport medium and long-term planning, to handle all the way to the competition between traffic between.
    The Beijing news: report of data involved in supporting mostly before 2010, and no special new Numbers, but people on highway construction experience of the largest is the two years.
    LiuDaDao: we are in September 2008 began to do research, September 2010 will be submitted to the state council report. At the time of the construction of the high iron exposure to the great leap forward problem was obvious fake oakley asian fit sunglasses, (some) can't see of the seriousness of this problem, no one can say. Now look, these reports are approved, a prospective.
    The Beijing news: you think traffic high-speed development because adored GDP?
    LiuDaDao: from the entire traffic investment situation look, 1999 100 billion, 2006 300 billion, 2010 3 trillion at once, the past (investment) accounts for 1% of GDP-1.5% in 2010 and up to 9%. High iron lead China to full access to high iron age, the high proportion of the investment is not normal.
    The Beijing news: last year's 7 · 23 lukewarm move the car accident, railway construction become a "soft".
    LiuDaDao: now the speed is to "normal". But a large number of engineering to cease, and high iron, highway, port in slow construction or shutdown state, adjust also brought new loss. These are overstepping the great leap forward, of the problems.
    The Beijing news: still owe some bank debt.
    LiuDaDao: the Midwest some provinces and cities fake oakley lifestyle sunglasses, is doing projects for political, but the actual railway, highway traffic volume little, poor profit. To the bank debt, deeply in debt, a large number of loans, these money all are ordinary people to put the money in the bank.
    The Beijing news: overheating ahead of the traffic construction at the same time, people naturally transportation construction condition?
    LiuDaDao: at present , the national and nearly 100 townships, 40000 organizational system village impassability highway, 2009 national highway, simple road not shop shop XiangLu accounts for the highway pavement of 55.4%. Unsafe bridge 95742 seats, a total length of 2.762 million meters, "unobstructed" problems need to solve.