In the growing scale of highway

  • In the growing scale of highway, most of the growth of henan fake oakley half jacket sunglasses, shandong, jiangsu and guangdong, by more than 3000 kilometers, especially in henan province, more than 4300 kilometres.
    "In travel demand have not yet reached the scale, under the premise of large-scale construction have generated a highway traffic waste of resources, most of the route TongCheLiang serious enough, cause more serious waste of resources." Co-author LiuWeiDong researchers describe.
    33 urban planning and construction the subway
    The report points out, the subway are now "YiHongErShang", the state council has been twice to stop the project.
    And in 2008 the world financial crisis fake oakley half x sunglasses, in order to ensure that the GDP growth, the subway project and begins a large number of approved. At present, more than 33 urban planning and construction the subway. Including nanning, hefei, guiyang, jinan, shijiazhuang, taiyuan, changzhou, etc in 28 cities already approved. In 2006 the national only ten subway lines run, 2009 years to article 37, 2015 will increase to 86.
    Researchers think that the subway high cost, high cost operation, in addition to a few other cities of Beijing metro operation efficiency high, most has built the city subway carrying less than 20000 people, from all over the country and around the world at almost all metro operation state of losses.
    At the same time, the subway operating loss by financial subsidies to solve, and, the Beijing subway subsidies 2 billion yuan every year, shenzhen metro operation since 1 billion yuan from losses.
    "Air war" will be more intense
    "To be automatic train since launch, air fares is affected fake oakley m frame sunglasses, form 'open to train ticket prices down to where, where high speed railway operations', more make' heaven and earth formed." competition" Report JinFengJun remunerations to the introduction.
    Such as chongqing railway forced into rapid opening running nearly 20 years of southwest airlines into chongqing airlines-gold in nov. 16, 2009 lines.
    On 1 April 2009 the operation of the stone too special passenger line of taiyuan-Beijing flight the enormous influence. For this reason, many airlines is to speed up the launch "air express", try to "to fast system speed".
    At the same time, the speed of railway since, male, iron between "the ground battles" has revealed: 2005 years of the opening of the inter-city trains running time Shanghai yong for three and a half hours, hard seat fares 54 yuan, and ningbo to Shanghai highway passenger ticket prices for 96 yuan, running time four hours; Stone too high speed railway after opening, taiyuan to Beijing of highway passenger quantity fell by 60%-70%, ticket price drop 50%.
    The report finds that high-speed rail and air between "air wars" in the future will be more intense.
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    Report from our correspondent (reporter ZhongYuWei) yesterday, geographical science and resources institute

    , LiuYan with researchers say, land reform should not damage the wishes of farmers.
    For chongqing's rural land exchange system, LiuWeiDong said, the practice of chongqing, farmers out of homestead, can receive "ticket", can appear on the market transaction.