deputy mayor research division of labor matters

  • 2006.02-2007.04 national vice-personnel minister, party members
    2007.04-2012.01 chongqing municipal party committee member of the organization department minister
    2012.01-chongqing, director of the National People's Congress standing committee, secretary of the party group, chongqing municipal party committee member of the organization department minister
    17 th central committee alternate committee member, the party congress representative, three times on behalf of the congress,
    The three city National People's Congress fake oakley split jacket sunglasses, shaanxi ten time congress of 10 provincial party committee members represent, March 26, 122 times at the chongqing municipal government ChangWuHui, study to adjust the mayor, vice mayor, secretary general of division of work.
    Division of specific as follows:
    Video: HuangJiFan preside over the meeting, deputy mayor research division of labor matters
    Source: chongqing TV "chongqing news broadcast"
    The mayor HuangJiFan: host city government overall work.
    Executive vice mayor MaZhengJi: responsible for the city government standing work. Responsible for finance, taxation, agricultural and the rural and agricultural machinery, civil affairs, streets, township, human resources and social security, again obtain employment, water conservancy, population and family planning, forestry, poverty alleviation, supply and marketing, older age fake oakley batwolf white sunglasses, disabled person association, weather, earthquake, administrative college work.
    Vice mayor TongXiaoPing: responsible for development and reform, industrial (including defense industry), information industry and audit, statistics, price, cass (city development research center), two rivers and new city, northern new city, the open area, high-tech zone, women and children work; The experimental data.a contact.
    Vice mayor TanQiWei: responsible for cultural relics, radio, television, press and publication, immigration, economic and social development in the three gorges reservoir area of the three gorges reservoir, the water environment protection and prevention of geological disasters, nationality, religion, authorities affairs (receive), tourism, tobacco, and is responsible for the coal supply, power supply and outsourcing of coal railway transport work.
    Vice mayor LiuXuePu: responsible for trade, foreign fake oakleys polarized radar range,  foreign trade, port, censorial, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao, the smoothness of the affairs, safety management, the legal system , the government emergency management, coal management, RenWu, customs, the inspection and quarantine work; Contact the ccpit.
    Vice mayor LingYueMing: responsible for urban and rural construction, transportation, land natural resources and building management, environmental protection, planning, municipal, inspected, finance, civil defense, garden work.
    Vice mayor HeTing: responsible for public security, national security council, judicial, the complaint, government d steady work.