You do love the old man a little

  • JULY 12.-The marriage was appointed for the first of the month fake oakleys, as old Mr. Underhill wanted to get out of town before the Fourth. As the time drew near, Martha began to pack father's trunk as well as her own, and brush in and out of his room till he had no rest for the sole of his foot, and seemed as forlorn as a pelican in the wilderness.

    I know no more striking picture of desolation than that presented by one of these quaint birds, standing upon a single leg, feeling as the story has it, "den Jammer und das Elend der Welt."

    On the last evening in June we all sat together on the piazza, enjoying, each in our own way, a refreshing breeze that had sprung up after a sultry day Father was quieter than usual, and seemed very languid. Ernest who, out of regard to Martha's last evening at home, had joined our little circle, ob served this, and said, cheerfully:

    "You will feel better as soon as you are once more out of the city, father."

    Father made no reply for some minutes, and when he did speak we were all startled to find that his voice trembled as if he were shedding tears. We could not understand what he said. I went to him and made him lean his head upon me as he often did when it ached. He took my hand in both his.

    "You do love the old man a little?" he asked, in the same tremulous voice.

    "Indeed, I do!" I cried, greatly touched by his helpless appeal replica oakley sunglasses, "I love you dearly, father. And I shall miss you sadly."

    "Must I go away then?" he whispered fake oakley sunglasses. "Cannot I stay here till my summons hence? It will not be long, it will not be long, my child."

    With the cry of a hurt animal, Martha sprang up and rushed past us into the house. Ernest followed her, and we heard them talking together a long time. At last Ernest joined us.

    "Father," he said, "Martha is a good deal wounded and disappointed, at your reluctance to, go with her She threatened to break off her engagement rather than to be separated from you

    . I really think you would be better off with her than with us. You would enjoy country life, because it is what you have been accustomed to; you could spend hours of every day in driving about; just what your health requires."