I was going to say

  • I went up to him tenderly and took his hand. Ah, how gentle and loving we are when we have just been speaking to God!

    "What is it, dear father?" I asked; "is anything troubling you?"

    "She is going to be married fake oakleys oil rig clear," he replied.

    "Oh, father!" I cried, "how n-" nice, I was going to say, but stopped just in time.

    All my abominable selfishness that I thought I had left at my Master's feet ten minutes before now came trooping back in full force.

    "She's going to be married; she'll go away, and will take her father to live with her! I can have room for my children, and room for mother! Every element of discord will now leave my home, and Ernest will see what I really am!"

    These were the thoughts that rushed through my mind knock off oakley sunglasses, and that illuminated my face.

    "Does Ernest know?" I asked.

    "Yes, Ernest has known it for some weeks."

    Then I felt injured and inwardly accused Ernest of unkindness in keeping so important a fact a secret. But when I went back to my children, vexation with him took flight at once. The coming of each new child strengthens and deepens my desire to be what I would have it become; makes my faults more odious in my eyes, and elevates my whole character. What a blessed discipline of joy and of pain my married life has been; how thankful I am to reap its fruits even while pricked by its thorns!

    JUNE 21.-It seems that the happy man who has wooed Martha and won her is no less a personage than old Mr. Underhill. His ideal of a woman is one who has no nerves, no sentiment, no backaches knock off oakley sunglasses, no headaches, who will see that the wheels of his household machinery are kept well oiled, so that he need never hear them creak, and who, in addition to her other accomplishments, believes in him and will be kind enough to live forever for his private accommodation. This expose of his sentiments he has made to me in a loud, cheerful, pompous way









    , after which they will all go at once to his country-seat, which is easy of access, and which he says he is sure father will enjoy. Poor old father I hope he will, but when the subject is alluded to he maintains a sombre silence, and it seems to me he never spent so many days alone in his room, brooding over his misery, as he has of late. Oh, that I could comfort him.