It may make no vital difference to them

  • "What do you think," I asked, "about her last days on earth? Was there really any preparation for death?

    "These scenes are very painful," he returned fake oakley sport sunglasses. "Of course there is but one real preparation for Christian dying, and that is Christian living."

    "But the sick-room often does what a prosperous life never did!"

    "Not often. Sick persons delude themselves, or are deluded by their friends; they do not believe they are really about to die. Besides, they are bewildered and exhausted by disease, and what mental strength they have is occupied with studying symptoms, watching for the doctor, and the like. I do not now recall a single instance where a worldly Christian died a happy, joyful death, in all my practice."

    "Well, in one sense it makes no difference whether they die happily or not. The question is do they die in the Lord?"

    "It may make no vital difference to them, but we must not forget that God is honored or dishonored by the way a Christian dies, as well as by the way in which he lives. There is great significance in the description given in the Bible of the death by which John should 'Glorify God'; to my mind it that to die well is to live well."

    "But how many thousands die suddenly fake oakley active sunglasses, or of such exhausting disease that they cannot honor God by even one feeble word."

    "Of course, I do not, refer to such cases. All I ask is that those whose minds are clear, who are able to attend to all other final details, should let it be seen what the gospel of Christ can do for poor sinners in the great exigency of life, giving Him the glory. I can tell you, my darling, that standing, as I so often do, by dying beds, this whole subject has become one of great magnitude to my mind And it gives me positive personal pain to see heirs of the eternal kingdom, made such by the ignominious death of their Lord, go shrinking and weeping to the full possession of their inheritance."

    Ernest is right, I am sure

    , but how shall the world, even the Christian world, be convinced that it may have blessed fortastes of heaven while yet plodding upon earth, and faith to go thither joyfully, for the simple asking?

    Poor Amelia! But she understands it all now fake oakley lifestyle sunglasses. It is a blessed thing to have this great faith, and it is a blessed thing to have a Saviour who accepts it when it is but a mere grain of mustard-seed!