I did not know what to say or what to do

  • DECEMBER.-Amelia was so determined to see me that Ernest thought it best for me to go. I found her looking very feeble.

    "Oh, Katy," she began at once replica oakley sunglasses," do make the doctor say that I shall get well!"

    "I wish he could say so with truth," I answered. "Dear Amelia, try to think how happy God's own children are when they are with Him."

    "I can't think," she replied. "I do not want to think. I want to forget all about it. If it were not for this terrible cough I could forget it, for I am really a great deal better than I was a month ago."'

    I did not know what to say or what to do.

    "May I read a hymn or a few verses from the Bible?" I asked, at last.

    "Just as you like," she said, indifferently.

    I read a verse now and then, but she looked tired, and I prepared to go.

    "Don't go," she cried. "I do not dare to be alone. Oh, what a terrible, terrible thing it is to die! To leave this bright, beautiful world, and be nailed in a coffin and buried up in a cold, dark grave.

    "Nay," I said, "to leave this poor sick body there, and to fly to a world ten thousand times brighter, more beautiful than this."

    "I had just got to feeling nearly well cheap oakleys," she said, "and I had everything I wanted, and Charley was quite good to me, and I kept my little girls looking like fairies, just from fairy-land. Everybody said they wore the most picturesque costumes when they were dressed according to my taste. And I have got to go and leave them, and Charley will be marrying somebody else, and saying to her all the nice things he has said to me.

    "I really must go now," I said. "You are wearing yourself all out."

    "I declare you are crying," she exclaimed. "You do pity me after all."

    "Indeed I do," I said, and came away knock off oakley sunglasses, heartsick.

    Ernest says there is nothing I can do for her now but to pray for her, since she does not really believe herself in danger, and has a vague feeling that if she can once convince him how much she wants to live, he will use some vigorous measures to restore her Martha is to watch with her to-night. Ernest will not let me.

    JAN. 18, 1843.-Our wedding-day has passed unobserved. Amelia's suffering condition absorbs us all. Martha spends much time with her, and prepares almost all the food she eats.