I have a great many little trials

  • JANUARY 1, 1842

    I MEAN to resume my journal, and be more faithful to it this year fake oakley gascan sunglasses. How many precious things, said by dear Mrs. Campbell and others, are lost forever, because I did not record them at the time!

    I have seen her to-day. At Ernest's suggestion I have let Susan Green provide her with a comfortable chair which enables her to sit up during a part of each day. I found her in it, full of gratitude, her sweet, tranquil face shining, as it always is, with a light reflected from heaven itself. She looks like one who has had her struggle with life and conquered it. During last year I visited her often and gradually learned much of her past history, though she does not love to talk of herself. She has outlived her husband, a houseful of girls and her ill-health is chiefly the result of years of watching by their sick-beds, and grief at their loss.

    For she does not pretend not to grieve, but always says, "It is repining that dishonors God, not grief."

    I said to her to-day:

    "Doesn't it seem hard when you think of the many happy homes there are in the world fake oakley fuel cell sunglasses, that you should be singled out for such bereavement and loneliness?"

    She replied, with a smile:

    "I am not singled out, dear. There are thousands of God's own dear children, scattered over the world, suffering far more than I do. And I do not think there are many persons in it who are happier than I am. I was bound to my God and Saviour before I knew a sorrow, it is true. But it was by a chain of many links; and every link that dropped away, brought me to Him, till at last, having nothing left replica oakleys, I was shut up to Him, and learned fully, what I had only learned partially, how soul-satisfying He is."

    "You think, then," I said, while my heart died within me cheap oakleys, "that husband and children are obstacles in our way, and hinder our getting near to Christ."

    "Oh, no!" she cried. "God never gives us hindrances. On the contrary, He means, in making us wives and mothers, to put us into the very conditions of holy living. But if we abuse His gifts by letting them take His place in our hearts, it is an act of love on His part to take them away








    , or to destroy our pleasure in them. It is delightful," she added, after a pause, "to know that there are some generous souls on earth, who love their dear ones with all their hearts, yet give those hearts unreservedly to Christ. Mine was not one of them."

    I had some little service to render her which interrupted our conversation. The offices I have had to have rendered me in my own long days of sickness have taught me to be less fastidious about waiting upon others. I am thankful that God has at last made me willing to do anything in a sickroom that must be done. She thanked me, as she always does, and then I said:

    "I have a great many little trials, but they don't do me a bit of good. Or, at least, I don't see that they do."

    "No, we never see plants growing," she said.