I knew you would feel for me

  • "You must not tell me any more now fake oakley oil rig sunglasses," I said. "'Wait till you are stronger."

    The nurse rose and gave her something which seemed to refresh her. I went to look at the little girls, who were all pretty, pale-faced creatures, very quiet and mature in their ways.

    "I am rested now," said Amelia, "and it does me good to talk to you, because I can see that you are sorry for me."

    "I am, indeed!" I cried.

    "When our little boy was three months old I took this terrible cold and began to cough. Charley at first remonstrated with me for coughing so much; he said it was a habit I had got, and that I ought to cure myself of it cheap oakleys. Then the baby began to pine and pine, and the more it wasted the more I wasted. And at last it died."

    Here the poor child burst out again, and I wiped away her tears as fast as they fell, thankful that she could cry.

    "After that," she went on, after awhile, "Charley seemed to lose his last particle of affection for me; he kept away more than ever, and once when I besought him not to neglect me and my children so, he said he was well paid for not keeping up his engagement with you, that you had some strength of character, and-"

    "Amelia," I interrupted, "do not repeat such things fake oakley radar range sunglasses. They only pain and mortify me."

    "Well," she sighed, wearily, "this is what he has at last brought me to. I am sick and broken-hearted, and care very little what becomes of me."

    There was a long silence







    , and kissed the poor faded face.

    "Yes, I knew you would feel for me," she said . "The only pleasant thought I had when Charley insisted on coming here to live was, that I should see you."

    "Does your uncle live here, too?" I asked.

    "Yes, he came first, and it was that that put it into Charley's head to come. He is very kind to me."

    "Yes," I said, "and God is kind, too, isn't He ?"