Down they all go in one simultaneous gush

  • Sometimes, as one sits gazing from a high Replica Oakley sunglasses, jutting promontory, the sky all clear, showing not the slightest wisp or penciling, a bright band of cumuli will appear suddenly, coming up the canyon in single file, as if tracing a well-known trail, passing in review, each in turn darting its lances and dropping its shower, making a row of little vertical rivers in the air above the big brown one.  Others seem to grow from mere points, and fly high above the canyon, yet following its course for a long time, noiseless, as if hunting fake oakleys, then suddenly darting lightning at unseen marks, and hurrying on.  Or they loiter here and there as if idle, like laborers out of work, waiting to be hired.

    Half a dozen or more showers may oftentimes be seen falling at once, while far the greater part of the sky is in sunshine, and not a raindrop comes nigh one.  These thundershowers from as many separate clouds, looking like wisps of long hair, may vary greatly in effects.  The pale, faint streaks are showers that fail to reach the ground, being evaporated on the way down through the dry Fake Oakley sunglasses, thirsty air, like streams in deserts.  Many, on the other hand, which in the distance seem insignificant, are really heavy rain, however local; these are the gray wisps well zigzagged with lightning.  The darker ones are torrent rain, which on broad, steep slopes of favorable conformation give rise to so-called "cloudbursts"; and wonderful is the commotion they cause.  The gorges and gulches below them, usually dry, break out in loud uproar, with a sudden downrush of muddy, boulder-laden floods.  Down they all go in one simultaneous gush, roaring like lions rudely awakened, each of the tawny brood actually kicking up a dust at the first onset.

    During the winter months snow falls over all the high plateau, usually to a considerable depth, whitening the rim and the roofs of the canyon buildings.  But last winter, when I arrived at Bright Angel in the middle of January Fake Oakley sunglasses, there was no snow in sight, and the ground was dry, greatly to my disappointment, for I had made the trip mainly to see the canyon in its winter garb.  Soothingly I was informed that this was an exceptional season, and that the good snow might arrive at any time.  After waiting a few days, I gladly hailed a broad-browed cloud coming grandly on from the west in big promising blackness, very unlike the white sailors of the summer skies.  Under the lee of a rim-ledge,  with another snow-lover, I watched its movements as it took possession of the canyon and all the adjacent region in sight.  Trailing its gray fringes over the spiry tops of the great temples and towers, it gradually settled lower, embracing them all with ineffable kindness and gentleness of touch, and fondled the little cedars and pines as they quivered eagerly in the wind like young birds begging their mothers to feed them.  The first flakes and crystals began to fly about noon, sweeping straight up the middle of the canyon, and swirling in magnificent eddies along the sides.  Gradually the hearty swarms closed their ranks, and all the canyon was lost in gray bloom except a short section of the wall and a few trees beside us

    , which looked glad with snow in their needles and about their feet as they leaned out over the gulf.  Suddenly the storm opened with magical effect to the north over the canyon of Bright Angel Creek, inclosing a sunlit mass of the canyon architecture, spanned by great white concentric arches of cloud like the bows of a silvery aurora.  Above these and a little back of them was a series of upboiling purple clouds, and high above all, in the background, a range of noble cumuli towered aloft like snow-laden mountains, their pure pearl bosses flooded with sunshine. The whole noble picture, calmly glowing, was framed in thick gray gloom, which soon closed over it; and the storm went on, opening and closing until night covered all.