All the canyon rock-beds are lavishly painted

  • As yet, few of the promontories or throng of mountain buildings in the canyon are named discount oakleys.  Nor among such exuberance of forms are names thought of by the bewildered, hurried tourist.  He would be as likely to think of names for waves in a storm.  The Eastern and Western Cloisters, Hindu Amphitheater, Cape Royal, Powell's Plateau, Grand View Point, Point Sublime, Bissell and Moran Points, the Temple of Set, Vishnu's Temple, Shiva's Temple, Twin Temples, Tower of Babel, Hance's Column--these fairly good names given by Dutton, Holmes, Moran, and others are scattered over a large stretch of the canyon wilderness.

    All the canyon rock-beds are lavishly painted, except a few neutral bars and the granite notch at the bottom occupied by the river, which makes but little sign.  It is a vast wilderness of rocks in a sea of light, colored and glowing like oak and maple woods in autumn, when the sun-gold is richest.  I have just said that it is impossible to learn what the canyon is like from descriptions and pictures.  Powell's and Dutton's descriptions present magnificent views not only of the canyon but of all the grand region round about it; and Holmes's drawings, accompanying Dutton's report, are wonderfully good.  Surely faithful and loving skill can go no farther in putting the multitudinous decorated forms on paper.  But the COLORS, the living rejoicing COLORS, chanting morning and evening in chorus to heaven!  Whose brush or pencil, however lovingly inspired fake oakley sunglasses, can give us these?  And if paint is of no effect, what hope lies in pen-work?  Only this:  some may be incited by it to go and see for themselves.

    No other range of mountainous rock-work of anything like the same extent have I seen that is so strangely, boldly, lavishly colored.  The famous Yellowstone Canyon below the falls comes to mind; but, wonderful as it is, and well deserved as is its fame, compared with this it is only a bright rainbow ribbon at the roots of the pines.  Each of the series of level, continuous beds of carboniferous rocks of the canyon has, as we have seen, its own characteristic color.  The summit limestone beds are pale yellow; next below these are the beautiful rose-colored cross-bedded sandstones; next there are a thousand feet of brilliant red sandstones; and below these the red wall limestones, over two thousand feet thick, rich massy red, the greatest and most influential of the series, and forming the main color-fountain.  Between these are many neutral-tinted beds.  The prevailing colors are wonderfully deep and clear, changing and blending with varying intensity from hour to hour, day to day, season to season; throbbing, wavering, glowing, responding to every passing cloud or storm, a world of color in itself, now burning in separate rainbow bars streaked and blotched with shade, now glowing in one smooth, all-pervading ethereal radiance like the alpenglow, uniting the rocky world with the heavens.

    The dawn, as in all the pure, dry desert country is ineffably beautiful; and when the first level sunbeams sting the domes and spires, with what a burst of power the big, wild days begin!  The dead and the living, rocks and hears alike, awake and sing the new-old song of creation.  All the massy headlands and salient angles of the walls, and the multitudinous temples and palaces replica oakley sunglasses, seem to catch the light at once, and cast thick black shadows athwart hollow and gorge

    , bringing out details as well as the main massive features of the architecture; while all the rocks, as if wild with life, throb and quiver and glow in the glorious sunburst, rejoicing.  Every rock temple then becomes a temple of music; every spire and pinnacle an angel of light and song, shouting color hallelujahs.