I don't know which of us began it

  • Katy.-Oh, dear! how hateful I am! I am cross and selfish fake oakleys, and domineering, and vain. I think of myself the whole time; I behave like a heroine when Dr. Elliott is present, and like a naughty, spoiled child when he is not. Poor mother! how can she endure me? As to my piety, it is worse than none.

    Kate, a few hours later.-Well, nobody can deny that I have a real gift in managing children! And I am very lovable, or mother wouldn't be so fond of me. I am always pleasant unless I am sick, or worried, and my temper is not half so hasty as it used to be. I never think of myself, but am all the time doing something for others. As to Dr. E., I am thankful to say that I have never stooped to attract him by putting on airs and graces. He sees me just as I am. And I am very devout. I love to read good books and to be with good people. I pray a great deal. The bare thought of doing wrong makes me shudder. Mother is proud of me, and I don't wonder. Very few girls would have behaved as I did when Emma was burned. Perhaps I am not as sweet as some people. I am glad of it. I hate sweet people. I have great strength of character, which is much better, and am certainly very high-toned.

    But, my poor journal, you can't stand any more such stuff replica oakleys, can you? But tell me one thing, am I Katy or am I Kate?

    Chapter 10


    APRIL 20.

    YESTERDAY I felt better than I have done since the accident. I ran about the house quite cheerily, for me. I wanted to see mother for something, and flew singing into the parlor, where I had left her shortly before. But she was not there, and Dr. Elliott was. I started back, and was about to leave the room, but he detained me.

    "Come in, I beg of you," he said, his voice grow mg hoarser and hoarser. "Let us put a stop to this."

    "To what?" I asked, going nearer and nearer wholesale oakley sunglasses, and looking up into his face, which was quite pale.

    "To your evident terror of being alone with me, of hearing me speak. Let me assure you, once for all, that nothing would tempt me to annoy you by urging myself upon you, as you seem to fear I may be tempted to do. I cannot force you to love me, nor would I if I could. If you ever want a friend you will find one in me. But do not think of me as your lover I don't know which of us began it, or treat me as if I were always lying in wait for a chance to remind you of it. That I shall never do, never."

    "Oh, no, of course not!" I broke forth






    , my face all in a glow, and tears of mortification raining down my cheeks. "I knew you did not care for me I! knew you had got over it!"

    I don't know which of us began it, I don't think he did foakleys, and I am sure I did not, but the next moment I was folded all up in his great long arms, and a new life had begun!

    Mother opened the door not long after, and seeing what was going on, trotted away on her dear feet as fast as she could.