Like myself! And who is she

  • Like myself! And who is she, pray!

    Two souls dwell in my poor little body, and which of them is me fake oakleys, and which of them isn't, it would be hard to tell. This is the way they behave:


    Katy, to the other creature, whom I will call Kate.-Your mother looks tired, and you have been very cross. Run and put your arms around her, and tell her how you love her.

    Kate. -Oh, I can't; it would look queer. I don't like palaver. Besides, who would not be cross who felt as I do?


    Katy.-Little Emma has nothing to do, and ought to be amused. Tell her a story, do.

    Kate.-I am tired, and need to be amused myself.

    Katy.-But the dear little thing is so patient and has suffered so much.

    Kate.-Well, I have suffered replica oakleys, too. If she had not climbed up on the fender she would not have got burned.


    Kate.-You are very irritable to-day

    . You had better go upstairs to your room and pray for patience.

    Katy.-One can't be always praying foakleys. I don't feel like it.


    Katy.-You treat Dr. Elliott shamefully wholesale oakley sunglasses. I should think he would really avoid you as you avoid him.

    Kate-Don't let me hear his name. I don't avoid him.

    Katy.-You do not deserve his good opinion.

    Kate.-Yes, I do.


    Just awake in the morning.