I felt tired and irritated

  • Another time something was said about the fickleness of women fake oakleys. Mrs. Embury began it. I fired up, of course.

    He seemed astonished at my attack.

    "I said nothing," he declared.

    "No, but you looked a good many things. Now the fact is, women are not fickle. When they lose what they value most, they find it impossible to re place it. But men console themselves with the first good thing that comes along."

    I dare say I spoke bitterly, for I was thinking how soon Ch----, I mean somebody, replaced me in his shallow heart, and how, with equal speed, Dr. Elliott had helped himself to a new love.

    "I do not like these sweeping assertions," said Dr. Elliott, looking a good deal annoyed.

    "I have to say what I think replica oakleys," I persisted.

    "It is well to think rightly, then," he said, gravely.

    "By the bye, have you heard from Helen?" Mrs. Embury most irreverently asked.

    "Yes, I, heard yesterday."

    "I suppose you will be writing her wholesale oakley sunglasses, then? Will you enclose a little note from me? Or rather let me have the least corner of your sheet?"

    I was shocked at her want of delicacy. Of course this Helen must be the new love, and how could a woman with two grains of sense imagine he would want to spare her a part of his sheet!

    I felt tired and irritated. As soon as Dr. Elliott had gone, I began to give her a good setting down.

    "I could hardly believe my ears  





    ," I said, "when I heard you ask leave to write on Dr. Elliott's sheet."

    "No wonder," she said, laughing. "I suppose you never knew what it was to have to count every shilling, and to deny yourself the pleasure of writing to a friend because of what it would cost. I'm sure I never did till I was married."

    "But to ask him to let you help write his love-letters," I objected.

    "Ah! is that the way the wind blows?" she cried, nodding her pretty little head. "Well, then, let me relieve your mind, my dear, by informing you that this 'love-letter' is to his sister, my dearest friend, and the sweetest little thing you ever saw."

    "Oh!" I said, and immediately felt quite rested foakleys, and quite like myself.