I believe I pushed her out of my way

  • So it seems he has forgotten me, and consoled himself with this pretty little thing. No doubt she is like his mother, that "gentlest, meekest, sweetest and fairest among women!"

    Now if anybody should be sick fake oakleys, and he should come here, I thought, what would become of me? I certainly could not help showing that a love that can so soon take up with a new object could not have been a sentiment of much depth.

    It is not pleasant to lose even a portion of one's respect and esteem for another.

    The next day mother went to visit an old friend of hers, who has a beautiful place outside of the city. The baby's nurse had ironing to do, so I promised to sit in the nursery till it was finished. Lucy came, with her books, to sit with me. She always follows like my shadow. After a while Mrs. Embury called. I hesitated a little about trusting the child to Lucy's care, for though her prim ways have given her the reputation of being wise beyond her years, I observe that she is apt to get into trouble which a quick-witted child would either avoid or jump out of in a twinkling. However, children are often left to much younger girls, so, with many cautions, I went down, resolving to stay only a few moments.

    But I wanted so much to know all about that pretty little friend of Dr. E.'s that I let Mrs. Embury stay on and on, though not a ray of light did I get for my pains At last I heard Lucy's step coming downstairs.

    "Cousin Katy," she said, entering the room with her usual propriety, "I was seated by the window, engaged with my studies. and the children were playing about, as usual, when suddenly I heard a shriek replica oakleys, and one of them ran past me, all in a blaze and-"

    I believe I pushed her out of my way as I rushed upstairs, for I took it for granted I should meet the little figure all in a blaze, coming to meet me. But I found it wrapped in a blanket, the flames extinguished. Meanwhile, Mrs. Embury had roused the whole house replica oakley sunglasses, and everybody came running upstairs.

    "Get the doctor, some of you," I cried, clasping the poor little writhing form in my arms.

    And then I looked to see which of them it was, and found it was Aunty's pet lamb, everybody's pet lamb






    ,  our little loving, gentle Emma.

    Dr. Elliott must have come on wings fake oakley sunglasses, for I had not time to be impatient for his arrival. He was as tender as a woman with Emma; we cut off and tore off her clothes wherever the fire had touched her, and he dressed the burns with his own hands. He did not speak a word to me, or I to him. This time he did not find it necessary to advise me to control my-self. I was as cold and hard as a stone.