The remaining individual took up a paper as if to read

  • "Oh," he answered, rather taken by her trim appearance, and
    feeling as if he might scrape up an acquaintance with her.
    "That's a good reason fake oakleys, isn't it? Well, Chicago is not a good
    place for what you want to do.  You ought to be in New York.
    There's more chance there.  You could hardly expect to get
    started out here." Carrie smiled genially, grateful that he
    should condescend to advise her even so much.  He noticed the
    smile, and put a slightly different construction on it.  He
    thought he saw an easy chance for a little flirtation.

    "Sit down," he said

    , pulling a chair forward from the side of his
    desk and dropping his voice so that the two men in the room
    should not hear.  Those two gave each other the suggestion of a

    "Well, I'll be going replica oakleys, Barney," said one, breaking away and so
    addressing the manager.  "See you this afternoon."

    "All right," said the manager.

    The remaining individual took up a paper as if to read.

    "Did you have any idea what sort of part you would like to get?"
    asked the manager softly.

    "Oh, no," said Carrie.  "I would take anything to begin with."

    "I see," he said wholesale oakley sunglasses.  "Do you live here in the city?"

    "Yes, sir."

    The manager smiled most blandly.

    "Have you ever tried to get in as a chorus girl?" he asked,
    assuming a more confidential air.

    Carrie began to feel that there was something exuberant and
    unnatural in his manner.

    "No," she said.

    "That's the way most girls begin foakleys," he went on, "who go on the
    stage.  It's a good way to get experience."

    He was turning on her a glance of the companionable and
    persuasive manner.