Tuesday came, and with it appropriate indecision and speculatio

  • In this situation her thoughts went out to her sister in Van
    Buren Street, whom she had not seen since the night of her
    flight, and to her home at Columbia City, which seemed now a part
    of something that could not be again.  She looked for no refuge
    in that direction.  Nothing but sorrow was brought her by
    thoughts of Hurstwood fake oakleys, which would return.  That he could have
    chosen to dupe her in so ready a manner seemed a cruel thing.

    Tuesday came, and with it appropriate indecision and speculation.
    She was in no mood replica oakleys, after her failure of the day before, to
    hasten forth upon her work-seeking errand, and yet she rebuked
    herself for what she considered her weakness the day before.
    Accordingly she started out to revisit the Chicago Opera House,
    but possessed scarcely enough courage to approach.

    She did manage to inquire at the box-office, however.

    "Manager of the company or the house?" asked the smartly dressed
    individual who took care of the tickets replica oakley sunglasses.  He was favourably
    impressed by Carrie's looks.

    "I don't know," said Carrie






    , taken back by the question.

    "You couldn't see the manager of the house to-day, anyhow,"
    volunteered the young man.  "He's out of town."

    He noted her puzzled look, and then added: "What is it you wish
    to see about?"

    "I want to see about getting a position cheap oakleys," she answered.

    "You'd better see the manager of the company," he returned, "but
    he isn't here now."

    "When will he be in?" asked Carrie, somewhat relieved by this

    "Well, you might find him in between eleven and twelve.  He's
    here after two o'clock."