This little experience settled her hunting for one day

  • There was, however, at this time, one theatre, the Chicago Opera
    House, which was considerably in the public eye, and its manager,
    David A. Henderson, had a fair local reputation.  Carrie had seen
    one or two elaborate performances there and had heard of several
    others.  She knew nothing of Henderson nor of the methods of
    applying, but she instinctively felt that this would be a likely
    place, and accordingly strolled about in that neighbourhood.  She
    came bravely enough to the showy entrance way, with the polished
    and begilded lobby fake oakleys, set with framed pictures out of the current
    attraction, leading up to the quiet box-office, but she could get
    no further.  A noted comic opera comedian was holding forth that
    week, and the air of distinction and prosperity overawed her.
    She could not imagine that there would be anything in such a
    lofty sphere for her.  She almost trembled at the audacity which
    might have carried her on to a terrible rebuff.  She could find
    heart only to look at the pictures which were showy and then walk
    out.  It seemed to her as if she had made a splendid escape and
    that it would be foolhardy to think of applying in that quarter

    This little experience settled her hunting for one day.  She
    looked around elsewhere replica oakleys, but it was from the outside.  She got
    the location of several playhouses fixed in her mind--notably the
    Grand Opera House and McVickar's, both of which were leading in
    attractions--and then came away.  Her spirits were materially
    reduced, owing to the newly restored sense of magnitude of the
    great interests and the insignificance of her claims upon
    society, such as she understood them to be.

    That night she was visited by Mrs. Hale, whose chatter and
    protracted stay made it impossible to dwell upon her predicament
    or the fortune of the day replica oakley sunglasses.  Before retiring, however, she sat
    down to think, and gave herself up to the most gloomy
    forebodings.  Drouet had not put in an appearance.  She had had
    no word from any quarter cheap oakleys, she had spent a dollar of her precious
    sum in procuring food and paying car fare.  It was evident that
    she would not endure long.  Besides, she had discovered no