This store closes at one on Saturdays

  • "This store closes at one on Saturdays," was a pleasing and
    satisfactory legend to see upon doors which she felt she ought to
    enter and inquire for work.  It gave her an excuse, and after
    encountering quite a number of them fake oakleys, and noting that the clock
    registered 12.15, she decided that it would be no use to seek
    further to-day, so she got on a car and went to Lincoln Park.
    There was always something to see there--the flowers, the
    animals, the lake--and she flattered herself that on Monday she
    would be up betimes and searching.  Besides, many things might
    happen between now and Monday.

    Sunday passed with equal doubts, worries, assurances, and heaven
    knows what vagaries of mind and spirit.  Every half-hour in the
    day the thought would come to her most sharply, like the tail of
    a swishing whip replica oakleys, that action--immediate action--was imperative.
    At other times she would look about her and assure herself that
    things were not so bad--that certainly she would come out safe
    and sound.  At such times she would think of Drouet's advice
    about going on the stage

    , and saw some chance for herself in that
    quarter.  She decided to take up that opportunity on the morrow.

    Accordingly, she arose early Monday morning and dressed herself
    carefully.  She did not know just how such applications were
    made, but she took it to be a matter which related more directly
    to the theatre buildings replica oakley sunglasses.  All you had to do was to inquire of
    some one about the theatre for the manager and ask for a
    position.  If there was anything, you might get it, or, at least,
    he could tell you how.

    She had had no experience with this class of individuals
    whatsoever, and did not know the salacity and humour of the
    theatrical tribe.  She only knew of the position which Mr. Hale
    occupied, but, of all things cheap oakleys, she did not wish to encounter that
    personage, on account of her intimacy with his wife.