The thing was difficult to encounterThe thing was difficult to

  • On Friday Carrie remembered her appointment with Hurstwood, and
    the passing of the hour when she should fake oakleys, by all right of promise,
    have been in his company served to keep the calamity which had
    befallen her exceedingly fresh and clear.  In her nervousness and
    stress of mind she felt it necessary to act, and consequently put
    on a brown street dress, and at eleven o'clock started to visit
    the business portion once again.  She must look for work.

    The rain, which threatened at twelve and began at one, served
    equally well to cause her to retrace her steps and remain within
    doors as it did to reduce Hurstwood's spirits and give him a
    wretched day.

    The morrow was Saturday, a half-holiday in many business
    quarters, and besides it was a balmy, radiant day, with the trees
    and grass shining exceedingly green after the rain of the night
    before.  When she went out the sparrows were twittering merrily
    in joyous choruses.  She could not help feeling, as she looked
    across the lovely park, that life was a joyous thing for those
    who did not need to worry replica oakleys, and she wished over and over that
    something might interfere now to preserve for her the comfortable
    state which she had occupied.  She did not want Drouet or his
    money when she thought of it, nor anything more to do with
    Hurstwood, but only the content and ease of mind she had
    experienced, for, after all, she had been happy--happier, at
    least, than she was now when confronted by the necessity of
    making her way alone.

    When she arrived in the business part it was quite eleven
    o'clock, and the business had little longer to run.  She did not
    realise this at first, being affected by some of the old distress
    which was a result of her earlier adventure into this strenuous
    and exacting quarter.  She wandered about, assuring herself that
    she was making up her mind to look for something, and at the same
    time feeling that perhaps it was not necessary to be in such
    haste about it.  The thing was difficult to encounter, and she
    had a few days.  Besides, she was not sure that she was really
    face to face again with the bitter problem of self-sustenance.
    Anyhow, there was one change for the better.  She knew that she
    had improved in appearance.  Her manner had vastly changed.  Her
    clothes were becoming replica oakley sunglasses, and men--well-dressed men, some of the
    kind who before had gazed at her indifferently from behind their
    polished railings and imposing office partitions--now gazed into
    her face with a soft light in their eyes.  In a way, she felt the
    power and satisfaction of the thing, but it did not wholly
    reassure her.  She looked for nothing save what might come
    legitimately and without the appearance of special favour.  She
    wanted something, but no man should buy her by false
    protestations or favour cheap oakleys.  She proposed to earn her living