There were some nine cots in the place

  • The room seemed to have been a lounging place for night workers.
    There were some nine cots in the place, two or three wooden
    chairs, a soap box, and a small, round-bellied stove, in which a
    fire was blazing.  Early as he was fake oakley sport sunglasses, another man was there before
    him.  The latter was sitting beside the stove warming his hands.

    Hurstwood approached and held out his own toward the fire.  He
    was sick of the bareness and privation of all things connected
    with his venture, but was steeling himself to hold out.  He
    fancied he could for a while.

    "Cold, isn't it?" said the early guest.


    A long silence.

    "Not much of a place to sleep in, is it?" said the man.

    "Better than nothing," replied Hurstwood.

    Another silence.

    "I believe I'll turn in," said the man.

    Rising, he went to one of the cots and stretched himself,
    removing only his shoes fake oakley active sunglasses, and pulling the one blanket and dirty
    old comforter over him in a sort of bundle.  The sight disgusted
    Hurstwood, but he did not dwell on it, choosing to gaze into the
    stove and think of something else.  Presently he decided to
    retire, and picked a cot, also removing his shoes.

    While he was doing so, the youth who had advised him to come here
    entered, and, seeing Hurstwood, tried to be genial.

    "Better'n nothin'," he observed fake oakley lifestyle sunglasses, looking around.

    Hurstwood did not take this to himself.  He thought it to be an
    expression of individual satisfaction

    , and so did not answer.
    The youth imagined he was out of sorts, and set to whistling
    softly.  Seeing another man asleep, he quit that and lapsed into