The intention was to give him an afternoon of practice

  • One o'clock came while he was still on the car practising, and he
    began to feel hungry wholesale oakley sunglasses.  The day set in snowing, and he was cold.
    He grew weary of running to and fro on the short track.

    They ran the car to the end and both got off.  Hurstwood went
    into the barn and sought a car step, pulling out his paper-
    wrapped lunch from his pocket.  There was no water and the bread
    was dry, but he enjoyed it.  There was no ceremony about dining.
    He swallowed and looked about, contemplating the dull

    , homely
    labour of the thing.  It was disagreeable--miserably
    disagreeable--in all its phases.  Not because it was bitter, but
    because it was hard.  It would be hard to any one, he thought.

    After eating, he stood about as before, waiting until his turn

    The intention was to give him an afternoon of practice, but the
    greater part of the time was spent in waiting about.

    At last evening came cheap oakleys, and with it hunger and a debate with
    himself as to how he should spend the night.  It was half-past
    five.  He must soon eat.  If he tried to go home, it would take
    him two hours and a half of cold walking and riding.  Besides he
    had orders to report at seven the next morning, and going home
    would necessitate his rising at an unholy and disagreeable hour.
    He had only something like a dollar and fifteen cents of Carrie's
    money, with which he had intended to pay the two weeks' coal bill
    before the present idea struck him.

    "They must have some place around here," he thought.  "Where does
    that fellow from Newark stay?"

    Finally he decided to ask knock off oakley sunglasses.  There was a young fellow standing
    near one of the doors in the cold, waiting a last turn.  He was a
    mere boy in years--twenty-one about--but with a body lank and
    long, because of privation.  A little good living would have made
    this youth plump and swaggering.

    "How do they arrange this, if a man hasn't any money?" inquired
    Hurstwood, discreetly.