He had seen motormen work before

  • Hurstwood watched him calmly.  He had seen motormen work before.
    He knew just about how they did it, and was sure he could do as
    well, with a very little practice.

    The instructor explained a few more details , and then said:

    "Now, we'll back her up."

    Hurstwood stood placidly by, while the car rolled back into the

    "One thing you want to be careful about fake oakleys, and that is to start
    easy.  Give one degree time to act before you start another.  The
    one fault of most men is that they always want to throw her wide
    open.  That's bad.  It's dangerous, too.  Wears out the motor.
    You don't want to do that."

    "I see," said Hurstwood.

    He waited and waited, while the man talked on.

    "Now you take it replica oakley sunglasses," he said, finally.

    The ex-manager laid hand to the lever and pushed it gently, as he
    thought.  It worked much easier than he imagined, however, with
    the result that the car jerked quickly forward, throwing him back
    against the door.  He straightened up sheepishly, while the
    instructor stopped the car with the brake.

    "You want to be careful about that fake oakley sunglasses," was all he said.

    Hurstwood found He had seen motormen work before 






    , however, that handling a brake and regulating
    speed were not so instantly mastered as he had imagined.  Once or
    twice he would have ploughed through the rear fence if it had not
    been for the hand and word of his companion.  The latter was
    rather patient with him, but he never smiled.

    "You've got to get the knack of working both arms at once," he
    said.  "It takes a little practice."