Two of the men got around quite near him

  • In silence Hurstwood viewed this scene, and waited.  His
    companions took his eye for a while, though they did not interest
    him much more than the cars discount oakleys.  They were an uncomfortable-looking
    gang, however.  One or two were very thin and lean.  Several were
    quite stout.  Several others were rawboned and sallow, as if they
    had been beaten upon by all sorts of rough weather.

    "Did you see by the paper they are going to call out the
    militia?" Hurstwood heard one of them remark.

    "Oh, they'll do that ," returned the other.  "They always do."

    "Think we're liable to have much trouble?" said another, whom
    Hurstwood did not see.

    "Not very."

    "That Scotchman that went out on the last car," put in a voice,
    "told me that they hit him in the ear with a cinder."

    A small, nervous laugh accompanied this.

    "One of those fellows on the Fifth Avenue line must have had a
    hell of a time replica oakley sunglasses, according to the papers," drawled another.  "They
    broke his car windows and pulled him off into the street 'fore
    the police could stop 'em."

    "Yes; but there are more police around to-day," was added by

    Hurstwood hearkened without much mental comment.  These talkers
    seemed scared to him.  Their gabbling was feverish--things said
    to quiet their own minds.  He looked out into the yard and

    Two of the men got around quite near him, but behind his back.
    They were rather social, and he listened to what they said.

    "Are you a railroad man?" said one.

    "Me? No.  I've always worked in a paper factory."

    "I had a job in Newark until last October fake oakley sunglasses," returned the other,
    with reciprocal feeling.