This cut Hurstwood like a whip

  • "No," he said, "Carrie's out; but won't you step in? She'll be
    back shortly."

    "No-o," said Mrs. Vance, realising the change of it all.  "I'm
    really very much in a hurry.  I thought I'd just run up and look
    in, but I couldn't stay.  Just tell your wife she must come and
    see me."

    "I will," said Hurstwood, standing back replica oakley sunglasses, and feeling intense
    relief at her going.  He was so ashamed that he folded his hands
    weakly, as he sat in the chair afterwards, and thought.

    Carrie, coming in from another direction, thought she saw Mrs.
    Vance going away.  She strained her eyes, but could not make

    "Was anybody here just now?" she asked of Hurstwood.

    "Yes," he said guiltily; "Mrs. Vance."

    "Did she see you?" she asked, expressing her full despair.
    This cut Hurstwood like a whip, and made him sullen.

    "If she had eyes cheap oakleys, she did.  I opened the door."

    "Oh," said Carrie, closing one hand tightly out of sheer
    nervousness.  "What did she have to say?"

    "Nothing," he answered.  "She couldn't stay."

    "And you looking like that!" said Carrie, throwing aside a long

    "What of it?" he said, angering.  "I didn't know she was coming,
    did I?"

    "You knew she might fake oakleys," said Carrie.  "I told you she said she was
    coming.  I've asked you a dozen times to wear your other clothes.
    Oh, I think this is just terrible."

    "Oh, let up," he answered.  "What difference does it make? You
    couldn't associate with her, anyway.  They've got too much money.

    "Who said I wanted to?" said Carrie, fiercely.

    "Well, you act like it replica oakleys, rowing around over my looks.  You'd think
    I'd committed----"