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  • The face begins to speak. Is different what with the Shenzhou airship, in the air-tight cabin is the atmospheric pressure, therefore to human quality request not that high, but lets the human think what is uncomfortable is the temperature difference is too big. The sea tries generally in the summer, the water surface above temperature more than 30 degrees Celsius, along with the submersion, the temperature also unceasingly reduces, if to 7000 meters seabeds, only then tory burch handbags on sale 2 degrees Celsius, is equal to the short 2-3 hours, passed through from the summer to the winter, therefore the submergence personnel must add clothes unceasingly toward the body on, their clothes request must be the purified cotton against static electricity material quality, regardless of were any style, had a characteristic: Without the knot. Because hard objects and so on button are not possibly careful destroy in the cabin the precision instrument. The tory burch handbags outlet person may also dive the seabed?

    The face begins to speak, certainly may. “the flood dragon” is for the scientist, the average person provides the exploration the platform. Last year the deep submergence 5000 meters, altogether 9 individuals dived in turn, except 3 specialized “driver”, but also had 6 tory burch handbags discount , the scholar. This year's 7000 meters deep submergences, also will have some scientists with to submerge the seabed. It is known that so long as infectious disease diseases and so on does not have heart disease, not to breathe, the age between 26 year old of ~56 year old, the process applies, the organization recommends, after obtaining the authorization, undergoes 4 hour training to be able to follow the oceanaut to tory burch handbags cheap the seabed. But regarding “flood dragon” the oceanaut, selects with the specialist training is strict. It is known that “the flood dragon” is at present 7000 meters seas tries to do each preparatory work.