16 years old

  • 16 years old

    Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) in the milkman, accidentally knocked over a box of milk and milk station boss of a dispute. After Zhang Cheng-Zhi and his son Chang Sheng, Xiaoyu a fight, during which Zhang holy so he took the empty beer bottles hitting Xiaoyu's head, resulting Xiaoyu to death. Yesterday, the Beijing Intermediate People's Court trial proceeding. Zhang father and son together for trial. Deceased mother cried and said, Before the trial, Xiaoyu mother was wearing a red scarf in her husband's arm into the court, she clung to his son's portrait could not help shedding tears. Judge persuade them to the portrait to the relatives, the mother refused to wash its hands holding the photo, Xiaoyu Xiaoyu father said: gallery of relatives, the Xiaoyu photo smiling.

    10:30, you also accused Chang Sheng,herve leger 2012, Zhang Chi and his son were brought to court, to see the killing of his son's murderer, Xiaoyu mother stood up and curse, stab you thousands of knives is not Jiehen! my son's life. Haidian District Chedaogou radio factory dormitory west side of the markets the hospital Beiwa milk stations, due to the melee of trivia and victims Xiaoyu Zhang hit with his fist the face of Xiaoyu Zhang Saint holding empty beer bottles to hit small Yu-head, causing severe head injury.

    in the trial,abercrombie belgië, the defendant Zhang Zhi account of that night of the murder, Xiao Yu and colleagues to send milk to the milk station, Xiaoyu unloading broke a box of milk. Xiaoyu said to be compensated, he told Xiaoyu,

    fight his father, his anxious so he took a bottle to pound Xiaoyu head. Father, Zhang said, million, including the spirit of solatium 30 million. They will also be in Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. and another Electronics Corporation as a defendant, asked the two companies jointly and severally liable.

    an agent

    the deceased's family lawyer said that Zhang and his son usually on behalf of the Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. (referred to as the ternary company) to send milk to the home, both during working hours, workplace milk damages dispute with the victim belongs to job behavior,nike free schuhe, this Sanyuan Company be liable for damages.

    agent of the company three yuan, said Zhang father and son with the company do not have any real labor relations, the company is not the appropriate defendant in this case. Another Electronics company claims the request of the family of the deceased not made too many views. Xiaoyu is our only son. Xiaoyu father shouted, intentionally causing bodily harm and common cause of death, the crime of intentional injury should be held criminally responsible. In view of the Chang Sheng has voluntarily surrendered themselves, shall be punished more leniently. The prosecutors recommended the Chang Sheng sentenced to life imprisonment and sentenced to six years to nine years in prison, Zhang Chi.

    trial Finally, Zhang and his son say, toward Chang Sheng, Zhang Zhi, and ultimately be stopped by the bailiff. The case is no court verdict.

    Morning News reporter Wu Xin

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