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    Asian Heart Network ( Reporter Ren Hongfang correspondent Sun Liang positions interns white plum ) Benny and the tower of a on the grounds that matter ,converse sko, the 19-year-old Ah cheat monk goalkeeper their raped and robbed her of 50 yuan . Recently, who lives in Baicheng County , Xinjiang temperature Bash Township A fellow youth Benny and the tower of a cheated out of the house , said something and she said,franklin marshall outlet, A certain will follow the two men came to worship County Century Plaza . Three people chatting for a while , a A ready to go home , a Nepalese and a tower of a will to take a taxi , said to A along with their hometowns where near reaching the worship County traffic Xi Luxi Bridge can be used as rental , they asked to stop and forced a pull down the car to be gang-raped in a roadside forest . </ p >

    afterwards , the two turn A pocket only $ 50 cash away . Fear of A certain alarm, they held hostage by a A again to take a taxi to return to the county . Century Plaza , the victim ,converse skor, see the patrol police , Piantao taxi for help . At present, two suspects have been the Baicheng police criminal detention , the case for further investigation . </ p >

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