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    newspaper Heze , February 27 ( reporter Xing Meng correspondent Su-Hua Chen Zhu Juanna ) overdraft , the Peony man impersonation identity at the same bank for 42 credit cards , and in the credit card has overdraft principal amount of $ 78 million in failed to return . Recently,franklin marshall, the final judgment by the Heze City Intermediate People's Court sentenced the man to 10 years in prison and fined 100,000 yuan . </ p >

    Zhang (not his real name) , Mudan District, Heze , and vegetable business . 2007 to 2008 , Zhang 's business successive losses ,converse norge, cash flow difficulties . For working capital , Zhang thinking about using their credit card overdrafts , but the limited amount of credit cards , several cards simply can not meet the funding needs of Zhang , Zhang will be fraudulent use of their own relatives and others in the name of a bank to Heze quantities apply for 42 credit cards . </ p >

    after finishing the card , Zhang began to frequent use of the 40 credit card overdraft cash . However , his overdraft money is not used in their own business , but he used to buy luxury items at random squandered . Zhang on in the credit card , overdraft total of 78 million yuan , and fails to return it away . </ p >

    in 2009 in March , calls minors , the bank reported to the Peony Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade , ' Economic Investigation Team on the case immediately launched an investigation . Through the banking system , the police , Zhang Hua in the bank by fraudulent use of the name of others a total for 42 credit cards ,oakley solglasögon, and there is the phenomenon of malicious overdraft , the overdraft amount totaled $ 78 million , a huge amount . In September 2010 , the Peony Bureau of Economic Investigation Police Team will be the suspect hiding in Qingdao Zhang captured and brought to justice . </ p >

    Recently, Peony District People's Court and the Intermediate People's Court in Heze City , the second instance of Final Appeal on the suspect Zhang criminal acts to be identified , because the malicious overdraft credit card , and a huge amount of legally sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 100,000 yuan . </ p >

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