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  • People Wenzhou, February 23 (Reporter Xiang Rui correspondent Ye Peng Lai iceberg) girls night alone was a masked man robbery. Critical juncture, the girl calm, not only to timely report the loss of bank cards, avoid losses, also designed the

    21-year-old girl Kobayashi, who lives in Cangnan Lingxi Town. 10:50 on the evening of February 21, Xu, Kobayashi when walking alone in the town Fifth Lane, suddenly a large hand and hugged from behind.

    robbers snatched Kobayashi handbag side with a dagger pointing Kobayashi, while looking for property in the bag. When he was in the bag search to only 100 yuan in cash, he gave attention to a bank card. The robbers threat, Kobayashi had the password to truthfully tell each other. Pro escape, the robbers also write down the Kobayashi phone number: calm down, immediately call 110 phone. While awaiting police arrival, Kobayashi has also played a bank card loss reporting telephone. 5 minutes later, police arrived on the scene, along the search Kobayashi characteristics describe the robbers.

    only 10 minutes, still in the police station,abercrombie düsseldorf online shop, taking note of the Kobayashi suddenly received robbers phone.


    indicative of the side of the police, Kobayashi pretended to be at home, did not alarm.

    order to be able to help the police to seize the suspect as soon as possible, Kobayashi immediately about the robbers met at a bridgehead, unexpectedly robber readily agreed.

    10 minutes, when robbers on the bridge to see beautiful Kobayashi,herve leger 2012, was suddenly surrounded by four disguised as police in civilian clothes. Huangbuzelu robbers plunged into the river,abercrombie belgië, two police officers arrested and immediately jumped into the river. Kobayashi and two other police monitor the river on the shore side, while loudly robbers capitulate.

    A few minutes later, the robbers like a drowned rat in the river police carry on the shore.

    after overnight interrogation, the man to confess his folks, 23-year-old Fuding City, Fujian Province. Cangnan a restaurant as a cook in order to pay gambling debts, will be locked in a separate line the women of the night road. This is the first time he committed crimes of robbery, only to have not half an hour, he was apprehended by the police. Yang has been the police according to law Detention, the case is further digging.

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